Monday, 18 April 2011

First things first

I have blogged in various forms for about the last 10 years. I've moved around a bit in cyberspace, and focused on a few different things, but generally speaking I've kept writing. My last blog got to the point where it was a bit too open to people I knew IRL, and in a bit of a fit one night I decided deleting and starting again was going to better for my mental heath, and here we are.

Let's get down to business. I'm female, 27 (just, my 28th birthday is coming up in a month), and I live in the UK with family. I know! 27 and still living at home, it's not ideal and I'm kind of desperate to get out into my own place, but on the part time work I'm doing now it's just not possible. I've been back in the UK since August after a few years abroad in a secure position, so the state of the economy/job market was a tough thing to come back to. Coming from complete independence back to my dad's was/is really hard. My older sister moved out to her own place a few days ago and I am completely consumed by jealousy. I don't begrudge her it for a second, but it's a beautiful place in a great location and I can help but wish wish wish it were me.

I'm a non-driver, but am currently learning as a lot of jobs won't even let you apply unless you have a license. I find the whole process completely terrifying. I have my theory test tomorrow afternoon and I'm not sure if I'm going to pass, so I've been doing test questions all day. Considering it costs £31 for each attempt I really hope I pass, I want to get everything over and done with.

I'm partial to green and blue, like to cook and bake, and I read romance novels.

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