Saturday, 30 April 2011


My tooth has been aching, in varying degrees, for the past couple of weeks and now it's killing me! The tooth in question is near the back of the mouth, so the pain spreads straight into my jaw and up the side of my face, which in turn gives me a headache. Just over a month ago I paid over £100 to go to the dentist and get the problem fixed, and the filling did fix it for a while, but apparently they didn't do a good enough job because something is out of whack. I called up the surgery and they can't see me until the 9th because of the times I'm available, so I get to suck down the paracetamol for a while longer. They did say that the work was guaranteed though, so while I'll have to pay for the appointment time, if it's the same tooth causing the problem (which it is) then I won't have to pay again to fix the problem. All in all it's a hassle I could do without.

I weather was warm today, but quite windy. The gusts keep knocking back the chairs in the garden, and they seem to have taken out one of the fence panels. Nevertheless it was nice enough that I walked down to the library and exchanged some books, hopefully the wind will die down enough tomorrow that I can spend a lazy afternoon reading them in the garden.

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