Wednesday, 20 April 2011


I passed my theory test! It's all very exciting. I'm so ready to get this driving thing over and done with, you have no idea. Not necessarily because I want to drive, the thought of going out on my own without the back up of my instructor still fills me with terror, but because I'm close enough now that it needs to be finished. It's also quite expensive to learn, so I'm really looking forward to having a chunk of my money freed up again. Not having to deal with British trains will also be a plus, today was a complete farce trying to get home.

There's been an unprecedented run of good weather here, yesterday was so nice I took a walk down to the library to return a couple of books. It was a completely glorious day and I came back with a few books to read in the garden. I've never read anything by Adriana Trigiani before, but that's the beauty of a library I guess, getting to take a chance on new-to-you authors without feeling the sting if you decide you don't like it. As it was, the feel of the book was perfect for my mood, so I'm on the second (see the sidebar) now and enjoying it.

The countdown to Easter has begun. I have my Malteser Easter Egg waiting downstairs ready for Sunday (it's little things like this I missed being out of the country). Of course, Easter is a really important religious holiday, but for those of us without religious affiliation it's chocolate egg day :). With the royal wedding coming up next week it has meant a row of public/bank holidays, so my dad and his family are heading to Florida for 10 days (that way my step-sister won't miss much of school). I'm looking forward to having the house to myself and not having to work around anyone, or to anyone else's schedule. I see lots of cooking and baking in my future!


  1. Nice to see ya back. I have a love/hate affair with driving. I had to learn at age 18 to drive to University (public transport in Miami area sucks the big one). I learned in one week, was in college two weeks after. It was a rush job. I was TERRIFIED of the 45 minute crosstown drive. And it was much less traffic than now. Then i was fine with driving, even with my ridiculous used 500 buck car.

    But as I get older and traffic gets worse, traffic starts to really provoke anxiety and I try to avoid it. I think if I lived in a more rural or small town setting, I might actually ENJOY it. Singing in the car is one of life's amazing pleasures to me. Driving with hubby while playing music and chatting is FUN. But in bad traffic like Miami's, ugh.

    I hope you learn to love it, though. It is freeing.

    Happy Easter back..or Choco Egg Day, as it were. No choco eggs for me, unless they're sugar free. :D

    Hugs...and I hope one day we'll actually meet or talk on the phone. I likes ya.

    BTW, where in Florida is your family coming to? North, Central, South and East or West?

  2. Oh, and I love the title and the url ("assuming virtue") Dang you are a clever child. :) Nice.