Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Didn't mean to disappear there, I went to my mum's place for my birthday week and was quite busy when I got home because I had to go back to the dentist for my permeant crown. The good news is that it's all done now and I'm completely pain free! With no nerve in the tooth I'm not sensitive to hot and cold anymore either, it's such a relief!

I have my interview for the tutoring centre I mentioned tomorrow, and I'm kind of bricking it. It could just be nerves, but I feel a bit out of my depth with it you know? It will all be over soon either way.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011


I'm almost finished with the dentist (God willing), I just have to go back next Tuesday to get the permanent crown put on. I have a temporary one on now and it's driving me a little crazy because it feels like I have something stuck on the front of the tooth (like when you bite into a brownie and have it stuck on your teeth) so I keep feeling like I need to scrape it off. It didn't hurt anywhere near how much I thought it would, once they had injected me with aesthetic a few times I was completely numb. The dentist told me after it was finished that when the numbing agent wore off it was going to start throbbing so to take painkillers, but so far so good. I was in the chair for over an hour though! Right now it doesn't seem to be sensitive to hot and cold any more though, it was SUPER-sensitive after the deep filling they put in before this, so it's a relief to be able to eat and drink pain free. And be pain free completely actually.

After the appointment I got on a train and came to East Anglia, where my mum lives. It's my birthday tomorrow so I took some time off work and came to see her for a few days. It's one of the few times I've actually thought to bring my laptop with me, and she's got great Internet connection (ironic as you can't get a phone signal half the time and it's cut off from practically everything else), so it was worth the effort of carrying it with me. I can't wait to see Abi tomorrow (apparently she's been really excited and counting down the sleeps until I came, she just loves me for my Angry Birds app). My sister told me she has a new thing now (post 'Inspector Gadget' viewing) where she goes 'go go Gadget hugs! and glomps you. That sound you hear is my ovaries imploding.

Root Canal Day

Words cannot describe how much I am not looking forward to this.

Friday, 13 May 2011

Close a door, open a window?

I was opening a store account for someone at work today and (impressed with my service I guess) asked me if I was happy in my job. I said I enjoy it, but I'd like something with a bit more responsibility. The long and short if it was that he is involved with recruiting at the conference space at the city university wondered if I'd be willing to consider managing in a food court area. I've working in the food industry before so I wouldn't mind too much (it would really depend what was involved). He asked if I had supervisory experience, to which I had to answer no, not in a retailing situation, but I mentioned I had been teaching and was used to leading classes and things. He gave me his card and told me I should get in touch to maybe come in for an informal chat.

How cool is that?

Of course, I don't know the details of pay/hours/responsibility yet, or even I'll be put up for the vacancy at all, but I sent off my CV via email to him an hour ago and we'll see what comes of it. If the wage is enough to support myself and move out then it would be great! A big problem I've found job hunting is breaking through to management. To apply for management you usually need a good amount of management experience, which means the higher paying jobs are kind of cut off. Even if it doesn't pay as much as say... the grad schemes I've been looking into, it would be a chance to get the experience I need (and would hopefully start sooner/be a shorter process than the grad positions).

Anyway, I'm trying not to get too over excited. There's no 'job' at the moment, just a possibility, and he may look at my CV and decide the lack of supervisory work really is a deal breaker.

Still, nice to be wanted.

Thursday, 12 May 2011


About a month and a half ago a notice was put up on our schedule board, saying that there were still places available in the trainee management programme at my work and if anyone wanted to apply then to do so via the internal Internet site. I had just been rejected for a scheme I'd applied for with another company and thought 'Hey! That could be really good', so I put my application in.

And so I waited.

Today? We've got a visit in store from trainee management participants for their assessments. Apparently, my application was unsuccessful. Nice of them to get back to me, no? I mean really, it's not hard to have one rejection email that you send out en masse if you don't want to contact people personally, but it seems out of order to not to bother letting me know either way. It was an internal vacancy so it's not like I'm going for a job I'd be completely unsuitable for, I already work for the company, so you'd think I'd at least deserve a 'no', you know? Ugh.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Daily round-up

I had a really good day at work today. It was a combination of little things, I managed to get some items ordered for a lady so she was really happy, and I made my target for the order system. I also managed to sign up an account (targets again), and I got a customer WOW from somebody for helping them yesterday. A customer WOW is basically when someone goes on to our website and names you personally as providing good service when filling in the customer survey. I also checked the schedules for the next couple of weeks and I have two extra days after the holiday time I booked off (because of the way my regular days off fell) so I'll be able to claw back a little of the time I'm losing through tooth misery.

I've been using that scanner app I mentioned. It's been good, but is geared more to US users, so I've had to add quite a few things manually. But then, once it's done, you can scan away. I find the design less fiddly and time consuming than the spark people one when using it via phone too. I love the Spark as a site, but their interface could be easier on the iPhone.

My tooth still hurts, I think it's going to be a long week.


I went to the dentist and they told me the deep filling they'd put in wasn't working (uh, no shit Sherlock?). Funny how they didn't mention the chance of it failing when I was paying £100 to get it done. So now, instead of going to mum's on Saturday and having a week with her to enjoy my birthday, I get to wait until Tuesday, have a root canal, then go grab a train. I like no part of this. And oh! OH! The best part of this (aside, of course, from the massive pain I'll have to experience)? The root canal is going to cost £195. And the crown for the tooth? Another £204.

At this point I think the dentist could see the panic and glimmer of tears lurking deep in my eyes, and asked me to step out into the waiting room for a minute while he called in one of the NHS reps from the reception. After a few minutes they called me and said that they were going to do the root canal complete NHS covered, so it will be free, and I'll just (er.. 'just') pay for the crown. This had better work, if I go through this pain and then they end up having to yank the tooth anyway I'm going to be really pissed off.

What really annoys me is that if I were claiming benefits from the state for anything, I would be eligible to have it done for free. Yet because I work 20 hours in a minimum wage job and am a contributing, employed member of society, I have to pay for my treatment. Everything's backwards, and Britain now has a culture where it's better to be living off the state than trying not to.

I downloaded quite a cool phone app today. It's a food tracker, but it has a scanner so you can scan the barcode on the packaging and it brings up all the info. Handy when you don't want to fiddle around searching on your phone.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

I just want to sleep this week.

Tooth status is still dire and now requires pretty much constant painkillers. I'm getting sick of being woken up by the pain of the pills wearing off. The appointment is Monday so not much longer to wait thank God.

I passed the phone interview for the job I wanted, so now I move on to the next phase at a centre. From the details they've given me it looks like it's going to be pretty terrifying, and I'm feeling really nervous about it. I don't want to humiliate myself. If I'm successful with this stage there is also an assessment day at their head office, but given how thorough the centre interview is I have no idea what they could possibly lead on to from there.

We had a Big Visit at work yesterday with lots of people high up in the company. We have a new store manager starting on Monday, which prompted all this, so it was a little tense. Apparently the visit went really well, but because the store was already super-tidy in preparation for them (and we weren't too busy) it meant there was literally nothing to do. It made my four hour shift feel like it lasted ten.

I have to get ready for my driving lesson. It's been a bit up and down recently because we've been doing increasingly difficult stuff and my instructor finally showed me where the test centre is. In short, the test centre is in car hell. It suddenly doesn't surprise me that so many people fail their tests in the first or last few minutes.