Friday, 13 May 2011

Close a door, open a window?

I was opening a store account for someone at work today and (impressed with my service I guess) asked me if I was happy in my job. I said I enjoy it, but I'd like something with a bit more responsibility. The long and short if it was that he is involved with recruiting at the conference space at the city university wondered if I'd be willing to consider managing in a food court area. I've working in the food industry before so I wouldn't mind too much (it would really depend what was involved). He asked if I had supervisory experience, to which I had to answer no, not in a retailing situation, but I mentioned I had been teaching and was used to leading classes and things. He gave me his card and told me I should get in touch to maybe come in for an informal chat.

How cool is that?

Of course, I don't know the details of pay/hours/responsibility yet, or even I'll be put up for the vacancy at all, but I sent off my CV via email to him an hour ago and we'll see what comes of it. If the wage is enough to support myself and move out then it would be great! A big problem I've found job hunting is breaking through to management. To apply for management you usually need a good amount of management experience, which means the higher paying jobs are kind of cut off. Even if it doesn't pay as much as say... the grad schemes I've been looking into, it would be a chance to get the experience I need (and would hopefully start sooner/be a shorter process than the grad positions).

Anyway, I'm trying not to get too over excited. There's no 'job' at the moment, just a possibility, and he may look at my CV and decide the lack of supervisory work really is a deal breaker.

Still, nice to be wanted.

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  1. I would be excited in your shoes. And feel really complimented. Obviously, your personality and demeanor were impressively customer-oriented and mature. I think that deserves a "puffing chest out" moment. So, please, proceed onto the puffing. ; )

    I hope the right doors open for you so you can be totally happy in some future challenging and nicely remunerative position....