Tuesday, 17 May 2011


I'm almost finished with the dentist (God willing), I just have to go back next Tuesday to get the permanent crown put on. I have a temporary one on now and it's driving me a little crazy because it feels like I have something stuck on the front of the tooth (like when you bite into a brownie and have it stuck on your teeth) so I keep feeling like I need to scrape it off. It didn't hurt anywhere near how much I thought it would, once they had injected me with aesthetic a few times I was completely numb. The dentist told me after it was finished that when the numbing agent wore off it was going to start throbbing so to take painkillers, but so far so good. I was in the chair for over an hour though! Right now it doesn't seem to be sensitive to hot and cold any more though, it was SUPER-sensitive after the deep filling they put in before this, so it's a relief to be able to eat and drink pain free. And be pain free completely actually.

After the appointment I got on a train and came to East Anglia, where my mum lives. It's my birthday tomorrow so I took some time off work and came to see her for a few days. It's one of the few times I've actually thought to bring my laptop with me, and she's got great Internet connection (ironic as you can't get a phone signal half the time and it's cut off from practically everything else), so it was worth the effort of carrying it with me. I can't wait to see Abi tomorrow (apparently she's been really excited and counting down the sleeps until I came, she just loves me for my Angry Birds app). My sister told me she has a new thing now (post 'Inspector Gadget' viewing) where she goes 'go go Gadget hugs! and glomps you. That sound you hear is my ovaries imploding.

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  1. YAY, it's done! I know about the supersensitive. I've had three root canals done (first one when I was 18), and the worst part for me (aside from having my mouth open for so long that my TMJ acts up) is the testing. OMG, the testing. Especially the shot of COLD. OMG, I screamed once and my hubby came from the waiting room into the dentist room. hahahahh

    That's the part I dread the most. But it's so lovely when it's over and the throbbing stops.

    I never used the painkillers any of the times I had it done. Never felt the kind of pain needing it. Hope your meds are totally not needed.

    Onward to happy teeth!