Saturday, 7 May 2011

I just want to sleep this week.

Tooth status is still dire and now requires pretty much constant painkillers. I'm getting sick of being woken up by the pain of the pills wearing off. The appointment is Monday so not much longer to wait thank God.

I passed the phone interview for the job I wanted, so now I move on to the next phase at a centre. From the details they've given me it looks like it's going to be pretty terrifying, and I'm feeling really nervous about it. I don't want to humiliate myself. If I'm successful with this stage there is also an assessment day at their head office, but given how thorough the centre interview is I have no idea what they could possibly lead on to from there.

We had a Big Visit at work yesterday with lots of people high up in the company. We have a new store manager starting on Monday, which prompted all this, so it was a little tense. Apparently the visit went really well, but because the store was already super-tidy in preparation for them (and we weren't too busy) it meant there was literally nothing to do. It made my four hour shift feel like it lasted ten.

I have to get ready for my driving lesson. It's been a bit up and down recently because we've been doing increasingly difficult stuff and my instructor finally showed me where the test centre is. In short, the test centre is in car hell. It suddenly doesn't surprise me that so many people fail their tests in the first or last few minutes.

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