Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Didn't mean to disappear there, I went to my mum's place for my birthday week and was quite busy when I got home because I had to go back to the dentist for my permeant crown. The good news is that it's all done now and I'm completely pain free! With no nerve in the tooth I'm not sensitive to hot and cold anymore either, it's such a relief!

I have my interview for the tutoring centre I mentioned tomorrow, and I'm kind of bricking it. It could just be nerves, but I feel a bit out of my depth with it you know? It will all be over soon either way.


  1. Well, you've been a teacher, are as sane as they come, are nice, are congenial, and work hard. If they don't hire you, they'ze nutz. :)

  2. Don't know how much I can post here comfortably for you on this blog, so just to say "Debbi" of SthisS needs you to email her. She's accumulating the emails for the mailouts. OK? :)

    Off to blog quickly and then get ready for family fun...

  3. Hi, the Slimmer This Summer challenge starts on Monday. I am sending out group emails to the challengers and would love you to be on the list, can you send me an email? Otherwise the directions for the challenge will be reposted on Sunday, thanks!