Wednesday, 22 June 2011

The lament of the impatient

The scale, it is not moving.

It glares balefully at me every time I enter my bathroom, knowing what I've come for. Then again, if someone came over every time they woke up to stand on me, I probably wouldn't be too pleased to see them either. "Move! Move!" I tell it, but it doesn't deign to lower itself to my demands. If it were a cat, it would have stood up, stretched, made all the motions of looking like it was going to move, then sat down in exactly the same spot again, but with it's back to me. That's what it thinks of me.

I need to keep reminding myself it has only been two days since weigh in. I tend to not see movement for all of two seconds and go !Crazytown, when I could just as easily have nothing for a few days and then a whoosh with a bigger loss. I hate hate hate weeks when things stay the same (er, when I'm eating correctly that is) because it seems so unjustified, putting the effort in and not seeing numbers. I'm a 21st Century girl, I need immediate results!


  1. The "I'm doing it right and why isn't it moving" frustration is common to us all. Makes us NUTS! But you had two stellar weeks, and these couple days are just some homeostasis and you'll whoose tomorrow, the next day or by weigh-in. Body runs on its own timetable, and it doesn't much care what WE WANT. ahhahah

    Although it's a good lesson for the future. For plateaus--and mine while eating and moving RIGHT have never lasted VERY long, but I've known folks for whom it's been weeks and months. For maintenance. Most of life should be lived in the "scale has not changed much" zone...

    Yes, a lesson in patience...

  2. You are doing so great, keep it up! I know it's tempting to go off track when you aren't seeing the results you want (as I'm eating a box of junior mints)just keep it going.

  3. It'll move, patience is the key. You are doing awesome so just keep that up and that scale will become your friend instead of a foe.
    Take care and God Bless!! Have a great weekend.

  4. But the long term rewards are so much sweeter than the instant where it goes down a digit or two. Keep up with your goals - your body and your scale will love you for it ! ;)