Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Oooooh, THAT'S what that was...

(Possible TMI, feel free to press back: now)

One thing I always notice when I eat healthily is that the symptoms of my period become far less pronounced. I'm a little irregular, so I never know exactly when to expect my special little visitor, but there are the usual signs of an imminent arrival. You know the ones, heavy, achy, back pain, binging... (God, it's like the worst 7 dwarfs ever) so imagine my shock when I had to nip to the loo earlier and 'Oh, hello there'.

In retrospect, it may be an alternate explanation for my hating everyone and everything on Friday night, shortly followed by an averted binge (rather than, you know, me being a bitch). It also tell me that I weighed in this morning (er, yesterday technically at this point) on what traditionally is my heaviest day, and still lost just over 6lbs. It leaves me with hope that I may be able to see some movement on the scale next time, despite the curse of week 2.

I'm a huge romance reader, and have just finished Robin D. Owens' 'Heartmates of Celta' series. Anyone read it that can recommend anything similar I'd like? Help me update my sidebar people!

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  1. Just read the last 4 posts, starting with the last one. It was kind of funny reading them backwards like that, knowing the cause for all the stuff. Congrats on the loss.