Sunday, 12 June 2011

The results are (almost) in

It's results day tomorrow for the first week of the challenge and I'm excited to see what the final number is. I'm hoping I can shave a tiny bit more off the number I saw this morning, but I'll have to see. I'm working tomorrow so will have to get up (rather than not setting the alarm and waking up whenever like I do on days off), so I'm going to try and get a reasonable amount of sleep tonight. One thing I really notice is that the scale hates it when I haven't slept enough, and while it's not a 'real' number as it were, I don't want to see an upswing.

I've drank so much water today I'm amazed I haven't floated away. Over 3 litres (100oz) but I'm still weirdly thirsty, I'm not sure what's brought it on. Calories are currently at the 1270 mark and I'm feeling a little hungry, but it's 11pm so I'm leaving it at that and going to try sleeping through until breakfast. Late night eating is one of my major downfalls. My step-mum called me about half an hour ago to see if I wanted to have a curry take-away with dad and her, they were ordering it right then, but fortunately I said no and have stayed up in my room (a couple of floors up from the kitchen) so I don't have to smell it. steps were extremely low (more so than usual for a non-work day) because it's been raining all day so I haven't been out anywhere.

My plan for tomorrow is have a big breakfast before work, then a snack afterwards so I can make it through to dinner with the family. I'll actually be on the shop floor 1130-1530, which is an awkward time when it comes to planning a lunch somewhere, a snack on the go should do.

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  1. I am excited to weigh in tomorrow and see how it all worked out as well!

    Have a great week two!