Tuesday, 7 June 2011

These boots are made for walking

I ended up buying a pedometer on eBay after my last post, and it arrived today! So fast! I got a weight-watchers one (despite the fact I don't actually follow WW) because I was hoping the name might mean it was a good product. Sadly, it's not as accurate as I'd like, I think it's a little too sensitive, so it's counting more steps then I'm actually doing. To counteract the problem I'm aiming for 15,000 steps a day (which I've done today) so I know for sure that I've made the minimum 10,000. It should do the job, but I wish I could just know exactly. That being said, it's my day off tomorrow so my step count is probably going to be really low.

I'm probably going to be going the cinema with my dad tomorrow (aah Orange Wednesday), we both want to see the new X-Men film. I've got to figure out what to get my dad for Father's Day on the 19th, argh - he's so hard to buy for! It's a bit of a present week actually, it's my granddad's and my sister's birthday next week too. It's going to be expensive, but at least I know pretty much what I'm getting for the birthdays.


  1. I bought one once and it didn't seem to be too accurate either which is why I didn't use it. I've been meaning to try out another one. Still, it's nice to be aware of how much you are moving and walking!

  2. I adore James McAvoy, have for years and years, so I def want to see that!

    WW products actually are pretty crap quality. Always check reviews online on products before buying. Internet makes this stuff easier, yes?

    Wos, you walk a lot. Reminds me of me in my non-sedentary NYC days, where going to and from school meant walking, standing, sitting, standing, walking, walking or when I first moved to Miami and biked or walked or took the bus everywhere..which meant walking (bus system here sucks)..hahah and college schooling days. You just had to walk everywhere on campus.

    I spent 20 years NOT walking..sedentary...logging no more than 1000 steps a day. How crazy is that?

    Happy pedometering, Z!

  3. Oh, I bought LUNGS last year. Isn't she terrific? They even use her music in commercials here now...

  4. Orange Wednesday. I guess is a UK thing. Hmmm great deal. I looked around your side bars, great music, great series. I have already seen XMen First Class. I liked it. I am a sci-fi freak. That fancy computer bit seems interesting "The Fit Bit" it even has a wi fi link to your computer I think. And they have apps for cellys that do the pedometers. Not sure if they work.

  5. I wanted a pedometer but went with the heart rate monitor. That's a lot of steps!!Way to go!!!