Thursday, 9 June 2011


Man, I am tired.

I had one of those nights last night where you toss and turn in bed, but never really drop off properly., leaving me running on only a couple of hours by the time work rolled around this morning. I'm only part time, so I usually work 20 hours a week (split into 5 four hour shifts). This week we have a sale on, so I did 10-1830 today, will do 09-1730 tomorrow, and (because I'm an idiot and didn't check the longer shifts I was already doing when I agreed to it) 1220-2020 Saturday. It's left me with an interesting dilemma re: lunches too, because the 5 four hour shifts I usually do means that I tend to eat before I go and when I come home, rather than take food with me.

I managed this morning by getting up half an hour early to make a couscous salad, and having a good breakfast (egg whites on wholemeal toast, with a bit of left over salad from dinner on the side), but my it means my protein is way down. I need to get some food stuff in so I can figure out reasonably low calorie ideas that will stay with me until I get home.

My pedometer said I walked around 20,700 steps today, which I very much doubt. Realistically (looking at how much I do in a normal shift v. my hours today) I'd say 13-15,000 is probably closer to the mark, but that's still a good number and makes up for the sedentary day off yesterday.

Well, better not ramble, I need to go downstairs and see what I can scrounge for lunch tomorrow, and make a list of 'quick pick' proteins to buy in town after work, before bed gets too comfy to climb out of.


  1. One day at a time. This is how it's done. Sorry you're tired, but you walked EVEN MORE. It
    s gonna show up on the scale!

  2. too?! I'm ZZZzzzing in just a few minutes! I am SO excited. I make my luch for work every day. if proteins down, a great portable option is boiled eggs. If you'd like more ideas, email me and I'll be happy to share. :-)

  3. I didn't sleep good either! Actually I haven't slept very good for several nights. Keep up the good work.