Thursday, 21 July 2011


Where has everyone been this week? Posting seems to be really slow. Is there something going on in America that I should know about?

My weight has been pretty even all week, I'm not sure why as things have been on track, all I can say is that's the way weight loss rolls sometimes. My step-mum and step-sister are going back to Ukraine to visit family on Friday, so we're going out to dinner tonight. I'm going to be eating very lightly beforehand to help counteract any problems this may cause. I finish my job on Friday and then am going to visit my mum for a week on Monday. Traditional mum's house is a signal to eat all the things, something I tend to embrace wholeheartedly, but this time I really want to try and stay on track while I'm there. I won't have a scale (I don't like weighing in on other scales, they're never the same) so if I'm successful or not will be a surprise for when I get home Saturday. I'm taking my laptop though, so I'll try and keep checking in to keep focused. I may need a bit of extra support to keep at it when I go!


  1. Sounds like a good plan. (And yeah, visiting home is hard and it never gets easier.) And maybe people aren't posting because it's so hot!!!

    Keep up the good work and just eat tiny bits of yummy stuff tonight...

  2. Ah, it is summer. People are out in the sun!!

    Good plan for going out. Have a great weekend!