Sunday, 24 July 2011


Things are still quiet on the blogging front, I hope that's because people are busy and not because they're struggling. Either way, please update everyone!

I've been on plan this week so things are fine there, but I was struggling a lot with the scale and its lack of movement. It see-sawed in tiny increments, but ultimately stayed level almost all of this week. That would be super-frustrating right now if I hadn't said 'almost' because I weighed myself about 10 minutes ago and saw a little swoosh. Not massive numbers, but enough that it makes the effort feel worth it. I took a walk yesterday (round trip to the supermarket, just over 3 miles) and worked a bit harder on my water intake (which admittedly has been a bit dodgy the last couple of weeks), which I think helped me. The official WI isn't until tomorrow, so hopefully I can maintain it, or maybe even shave a little bit more off so that I can see a new kilo? I'm getting closer to a big mental/physical milestone for me too, so hopefully that will keep me motivated the next couple of weeks while I try for it.

I have a bit of a NSV to report. I went to the supermarket yesterday to get a new coat, my trench has been getting looser and looking a bit tired, so when one of the buttons popped off yesterday and the rest were getting loose, I thought I'd treat myself. When I started this challenge I was a tight UK size 22, in the in-between stage of moving up to a 24 (so, US 20-22). My new coat? Size 18 (US 16) bitches! It was a supermarket 18, not a plus size store 18, and I was wearing a size 18 top from a department store, so they were 'real' sizes. I think my bottom half is still a size bigger (I'm pear shaped), so my trouser/skirt size will be a 20 still I think (I haven't bought/tried any on in a smaller size recently so I can't say for sure) but my overall size has definitely gone down!


  1. YEAH!!!!! Man I'm jealous, I wish I was an 18, who says that? LOL - you rock! That is a wonderful victory!