Sunday, 31 July 2011

Oh dear

I've been a baaaad, bad blogger. See that road to hell in front of me? It's paved with all my shiny good intentions.

Before I went to mum's I made a big song and dance about how I was going to try really hard and update frequently and could use some extra support. Then I disappeared. That should tell you how well this week did not go for me. I suppose it could have been worse, when I arrived mum had plans to make both a big batch of carrot cake cupcakes with her magical cream cheese icing, AND a lemon cake with a lemon version of that same icing, all because she knows I love them. I managed to convince her not to, but was less forceful when we she we decided to make this ginger and lime cheesecake. That wasn't all I ate this past week either, I think I'll just have to accept that mum's house is always going to be somewhere I struggle with. She can have lots of goodies in the house because she doesn't care either way for sweet things, but I simply can't deal with having stuff there and not eating it, better to just not put myself in that position and keep all the food.

So, I saw the number on my scale this morning, and with official weigh-in being in about 12 hours I've very much considering redeeming this, and just not posting the number...

It's not completely bad news though. I did get back to things today, and ended the day in my calorie range. I needed to get a birthday present for my aunt so I walked to over 3 mile round trip to and from the shop. Later on I also managed to drag myself on treadmill (for the first time in a very long time, even though I didn't feel like it) to do another 3 miles, so I got all my exercise in. I've tried to drink quite a bit of water today so all in all I'm hoping with a better night's sleep I'll be able to make a dent in the gain.

Aims for the next week (beyond the usual 'eat within calories') focus solely around exercise, and getting it on some kind of regular basis. I don't have a set number of times per week planned at the moment, we'll have to see how much I can stand.

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  1. Aw, just post the number. :)

    I had the big talk with my family last year. They weren't to buy me crap, offer me crap, bake me crap, or otherwise sabotage my efforts. They've been great. WHile they'll still cook and eat their normal stuff, I don't get offered it and for my birthday, I don't get made it.

    At the wake and prayers (novena) there were a lot of Cuban fook junk stuff (pastries, fried croquettes, chips, cookies, cakes) and as the trays went around, they'd see me, go, "Oh, yeah, not for you, right?" "Right. THANKS." I'd say. I took my own veggies/fruits/cheeses/protein. At one point, they accidentally set out my lunch (a caprese salad I put in toothpick servings so I could eat with the plate on my lap, as it was crowded, and I had to rush to reclaim it.) I took mangos and blueberries, cherries and ham bites, etc. After a while, even the bitchiest folks realize that they need to respect your own health plan and they don't offer, which is great!

    Maybe have a talk with mom, say to keep the yummies for only the most special of occasions (birthday, Christmas, etc) and otehr times to freely offer you lentil soup and salad and fresh fruit. :D

    Happy new week. I know you'll make a great show next weigh-in.