Saturday, 9 July 2011

Say hello to my little friend

TOMs back in town (What? Didn't he just finish a visit like3 weeks ago? WHY YES, YES HE DID, welcome to the joy of my body). There is a silver lining to this though, because I stupidly stepped on the scale last night to see what damage my interview freak-out had wrought, and nearly had a heart attack at the number. I don't care what I ate for those two days, it wasn't enough to gain 3.4kg (7lbs-ish!) from my last weigh in.

Nu-uh, no.

Admittedly, stepping on the scale in the evening was stupid anyway, because I always get heavier during the day and it's no big deal, so adding that padding to the already unfortunate figure didn't do me any favours. Now that TOM has made his presence known, the number has gone down some, but I'm still heavier than I was. It's a bit much to hope for, but I'm hoping he'll have left by the time Monday weigh-in rolls around. If he does and I'm careful, maybe I could break even on this week? I have been careful since I got back, two days eating clean and within calories. I'd still be looking at a big-ish loss to maintain, but hopefully I can make it. I dont want to see any 'official' gains during this challenge.


  1. I never step on the scale unless
    1. I slept at least 7 hours
    2. It's after I did bathroom stuff and before I drink or eat anything
    3. I'm nekkid

    that's it. No exceptions. I know drinking water, coffee, eating, salt intake, etc, that all skews stuff. Empty stomach, empty bladder, nekkid, morning.

    I don't freak myself out that. way. :D

    Happy weekend, babe...

  2. I would like to see them blow up a scale on that show "Myth Busters" with some innovative scientific method or something...Or a youtube video in extra slow motion. They do have the slow motion things like watermelon and bullet through a bottle and others even a slo mo dot com site...

    Wait! I always edit if the captcha is weird and this one says "sonob" how weird is that?