Friday, 1 July 2011

Stress on the horizon

Today and Sunday are my days off, so the plan at the moment is to work on making my presentation for my interview next week. So far I'm having a bit of trouble with it, but I'll have to buckle down and figure it out. I feel like I'm in university again and putting off writing a paper.

I'm happy to say the scale is still responding well to the slight upping of calories, so assuming I don't let the stress get to me over the weekend I should have a good number to report on Monday. I'll be staying overnight for the interview and have decided not to sweat it about what kind of food I eat while I'm gone. Things will be stressful enough without trying to tally up calories. Although it will do a little damage, it's only two days.

(side-note: oh god the hotels were so expensive! Which is odd as the area I want to go to isn't exactly a tourist attraction. There was a place that was a bit cheaper but it was in an ass-inconvenient area so I sucked it up and paid more for location. But seriously, my poor bank account! I was hoping I could find a cheaper deal on laterooms or something closer to the time, and then make the new booking and cancel my old one, but it doesn't loo like it's going to work out. It was a slender hope anyway)

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  1. Stick to your goals and plan, even through any stress. Have a good holiday weekend!