Monday, 25 July 2011

STSC Results - Week 7

Weight lost this week: -0.5kg (1.1#)
Total Challenge weight loss: 8.5kg (18.7#)

I'm a little disappointed by my numbers to be told. My week was fine, but the scale stayed stuck around the same weight for a long time, yo-yo-ing up and down by a point here and there. Looking back at my weigh-ins though, I seem to have one big week, one little week, so hopefully I'll see better results next time. It's still a loss for now.

I'm going to my mum's today and staying until Saturday! I'm taking my laptop with me because I'm definitely going to need to check in a lot, I find it so hard eating within calories while I'm there, I'm really going to make the effort this time though, I've been doing well enough that I don't want to wreck my progress now.


  1. A loss is a loss, a bigger one might show up next week for you. Keep on truckin'!

  2. Don't be disappointed. You've made great progress during this challenge.

  3. Hey, more than 18 pounds is a great loss so far!!! You are doing wonderful! Have a great time at your mom's.

  4. You're doing great. Mom's cooking can be quite tempting so it's best to be prepared:-)