Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Filling time and going shopping!

I shouldn't really be updating from work but My. God. it's been quiet today. I'm just waiting around for an email from one of the clients so I can action the info, and watching the phone.

I plugged my lasagne into spark recipes and it comes out at about 450 calories a serving, which is less than I was anticipating so I'm feeling good about that. With a salad it makes a good dinner that everyone can eat. It was a mad dash to get it all layered up before work though, I was against the clock and left quite a mess...

I'm going to Wellsbourne Market on Monday because it's a bank holiday so no work! Hurray! This will be the first bank holiday I'll actually get off as I used to work them when I was in retail. Even though I've been super-broke this month I've managed to keep my last £50 in reserve for this (pay-day Wednesday! Not a moment to soon). The market is massive, I have a lot of memories of going to it in early December time when I was younger, to look for Christmas presents at a good price, and (later) buy dresses for the Christmas party. Who knows? Maybe I'll find 'the' dress for the challenge I'm getting ready. I seem to remember it being a long journey when I was little (but then, every journey feels long when you're little), but with where we live now it's only about half an hour away by car.

It's terrible really that I remember things by food, but we'd always visit when it was quite cold, so you'd freeze walking around, but then in the middle of the market there was this big baked potato stall where we'd go to thaw out and refuel. It's always stuck in my mind for some reason, even though there are loads of burger vans etc. It was just something we would always do.

It makes me think of Christmas, and I've realised it's not really that far away in terms of pay-days (!). I've been trying to work out my budget, and if I don't want to be stuck I'm going to have to start putting some money to the side for it each month. I've set it up in my budget program on my laptop, so I know how much I'll have to work with total. I'll keep an eye out for anything I think people will like while I'm at the market anyway, because it's likely to be cheaper. I don't mind saving them for a while if it means I can spread the cost out rather than panic in November.

Edit: GOD DAMN IT! I just got an email from my period app telling me I'm due in a couple of days. I absolutely refuse to have my final weigh in while TOM is here, if it comes to it I'll give the WI a bit late.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Good news

Both yesterday's food and today's have been good, which has been a huge relief. I walked to the supermarket to get some ingredients for tomorrow's dinner (I cook for the family every Wednesday) so that was just over 3 miles. The treadmill is still kind of iffy so exercise is a little harder for me right now.

Dad's requested lasagna, baked potatoes and salad for diner. I'm going to be using quorn mince for the filling instead of beef, so that will help cut the fat a bit. Still, lasagna isn't the healthiest thing, so I'm going to be having it with salad and forget the baked spud to bring the calories down.

Have any of you seen the Philadelphia cream cheese adverts recently? The recipe ones? I've been wanting to make the strawberry meringue one for a while so today I got the ingredients, it was so delicious! Though, I did use supermarket own brand low fat soft cheese instead of philly, which does rather defeat the point of the entire marketing campaign. Basically, make/buy some meringue nests (I got a pack of 8 from Sainsbury's for £1 for convenience sake), mix together some halved sweet strawberries, the soft cheese and low calorie sweetener to taste, the dollop the mix on top of the nest (add some strawberry sauce to finish it off if you like). There! Super easy, tasty, and reasonably low calorie for a dessert as meringue next are only about 50-ish calories and I used low fat cheese with sweetener instead of full fat and icing sugar. I had enough calories left that I sandwiched the mixture between two meringue nests, but it will be equally delicious with one.

Monday, 22 August 2011


I broke my treadmill just over a week ago and went a little crazy. it was like my mojo just disappeared completely. This also coincided with my scale coming to a stall and I lost it. With the end of the challenge coming up I just wanted to disappear, but I don't want to balloon up again and I most definitely will if I just leave myself to my own devices.

So what now? I've said before that I can deal with the scales ups and downs, and that even though I hate the ups, it's a good motivational tool for me. I like to see progress. All this is true, except recently I've been feeling like that scale is starting to define me, and that's not a healthy place to be. If it's going down then it's great, it makes me happy, blips I think about and it's not great, but stalls? Oh the stalls. They send me out of my mind, I don't see the point if I'm not seeing the progress, it's a bit insane as I know rationally that every bit of progress I see won;t be in weight so I should chill already. I'm so not chill.

Anyway, what's the point of my ramblings? This is the last week of the challenge, so I'll try and make it end with a bang rather than a whimper. Dad went and looked at the treadmill (it had cut out while I was using it and started making this horrible groaning sound) and couldn't find anything wrong with it now, so I'll give it a try and hope it has magically healed itself.

In mid-September-ish I'll (We'll?) be starting a new challenge (you'll all welcome to join, I'll be posting details closer to the start). In the 3-4 weeks in between I'm going to try sticking to things without the scale. I don't know if it will work better for me or not, it'll be my little experiment before the challenge proper. I'll have look at how it's gone before the new one starts and decide where I want to go from there.

Friday, 12 August 2011


It's been a long week. The other office person had holiday booked, so I went to full time hours to cover her absence. Tiring, but it will be good when my pay-cheque comes though. Given the state of my bank account this month it will greatly appreciate the overtime injection.

The scale is being stubborn, but I'm still eating right and exercising so I'll have to see some progress eventually. I was sooo close to breaking half an hour for my 3 miles on the treadmill the other day, it was 30:04! Today I wasn't feeling well (kind of like I'm getting a cold but it hasn't quite taken) so I was a couple of minutes slower.

Yahoo news was talking about a website, My Body Gallery today. Here's a short excerpt:

A recent study found that 95% of noneating-disordered women overestimate the size of their hips by 16% and their waists by 25%, yet the same women were able to correctly estimate the width of a box,

The site allows women to upload photos of themselves, then specify weight, height, size, shape etc. It's interesting to see people my size, the huge range in how they look and carry the weight differently.

Monday, 8 August 2011

STSC Results - Week 9

man I was tossing and turning last night. I wish I'd gotten a better nights sleep and wasn't so tired now, I think it would have made a difference to my numbers.

Weight lost this week: -1.7kg/3.7#
Total Challenge weight loss: -8.2kg/18#

The crazy thing about this (emphasis on the word 'crazy') is that I'm actually disappointed with what would usually be an awesome loss, mostly because (as you an see from my newly truthful sidebar) it doesn't completely undo the damage from last week, so I'm not at my low point. I feel like seeing as I worked my ass off for this I should have made it back to my previous weight. Nothing I can do about it now I suppose.

Speaking of working my ass off, I did with exercise this week. I went on the treadmill every single day, and have seen a definitely improvement.

Friday, 5 August 2011

Walking it

Last Sunday I finally made a return to exercise. Oh, how I was dreading it. I wouldn't have done it at all, but with my change of job my activity has gone from 35 minutes walking to and from stations with 4 hours stints on my feet, to a desk job in an office 30 seconds away from my house. So, the treadmill it was.

I'm sure I'll have times when I absolutely do not want to get up and work out, but luckily so far things have been good. I started on Sunday and have used it ever day. I usually do three miles. Check out my times:

Sun: 44:12
Mon: 43:13
Tue: 40:08
Wed: 39:23
Thu: 35:35
Fri: 34:38

What's really surprised me is how quickly I've seen an improvement! I don't 'run' per se, but I had times yesterday and today when I was at a solid jog for a whole song and fast walked the rest. It doesn't seem like much, but I've only ever walked before so it's a big deal for me. I really pushed myself today to try and get my times down, I'm talking manning up and dripping sweat.

My sister is coming to visit the weekend after this one, and she hasn't seen me since before the challenge began. I'm kind of hoping I will have done enough that she'll notice the difference? I think I'll be a little disappointed if she can't see it. My dad has a work Christmas party that she and I go to every year, and I've decided that one of my mid-term goals is going to be my Christmas dress, I want it to be a size 16. I (only just, and briefly) fit into a size 16 when I came home from Sweden for Christmas in 2003, and that was because it was a forgiving style. I want it to be a 16, a real one.

Thursday, 4 August 2011


I have a confession to make. I bought the markers. You know? The markers? The markers that were way too expensive for me, whose purchase may have been a result of watching the shopping channel at 1am and subsequently being consumed by desire for them? It just so happened that my tax refund from my Japanese pension money came through yesterday, so after putting £1300 in savings I had about £45 left.

Had I been sensible I would have just put it all into savings and not bought anything, especially as my current account is not particularly flush with cash at the moment. But then I thought 'come on, you can't worry about money all the time'. I get a mild... anxiety? when I think about money, like a little pressure in the chest, but the fact is I have very few outgoings right now (the one advantage of having to live at home). While it's important to save (I have a plan to save up enough for a little deposit on a house, I'm about half way there right now but it will take another 2 years at the rate of savings I have in mind) I'm not in trouble with money. I don't need to panic about it.

I think I was dithering on it a bit because I don't know if I'll use it enough to make it worthwhile. If having them makes me happy though, then that's good. A couple of hours after I bought them the price wet back up to £10 more, I'm taking it as a sign I made a good decision hehe. I was looking at some stamps too, I love Debbi Moore's Art Deco ladies! They used some of her pictures in the TV demo and they really were pretty. Speaking of pretty things, this picture is one of the examples of what you can do with the pens:

I know it's a long shot, but do any of you crafty-type people know where I can get this stamp or who designed it so I can track it down myself? I love it, it's so cute. I've had to restrain myself so I didn't go completely nuts buying stamps on eBay, it's all very tempting.

To keep all this on topic I'd like to say I kicked ass on the treadmill last night, and as soon as I've made a new playlist on my phone I plan to do it again.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

The dangers of late night tv

Aunt Flo turned up after my workout today (3 miles on the treadmill, oh yes), I cannot tell you how sick I am of seeing her. Every 3, 3 and a half weeks? Bam! There she is, knocking on my ovaries. This will also mean the scale will be even more stubborn - bonus!

I shouldn't be allowed to watch shopping channels, I'm far too impressionable. There were these awesome brush pen sets that blend really nicely, and now all I can think of is getting into card craft. To that end I've spent the last hour looking through ebay for Deco style stamp sets and picture element CDs. Thus far I've managed to resist because it's an expensive habit to get in to (the pens are pricey!) and I'm a bit short this month anyway. But I want them bad.

I'm going to have to go to the shops tomorrow for ingredients for tea. We're trying a new thing at home where they let me cook dinner on Wednesday nights, so I'm making lasagna. Hopefully I can time it so I can make the stuff and layer it up before work, then bake it when I get home. It will also mean I can get my exercise from the walk there and back. Given that this whole plan hinges on me not waking up tomorrow, grunting, and going back to sleep, I guess I'd better sign off now.

Monday, 1 August 2011

STSC Results - Week 8

No official weigh-in this week. I weighed myself this morning and it had gone down very slightly, but still well up on my last check in.

I got up this morning and got on the treadmill. I only did two miles and then dad and step-mum's dad (step-grandfather? He's visiting from Ukraine, staying with us for three months doing a lot of jobs around the house) arrived to do some work in the garage. I have a thing about exercising in front of people so I left it there. I'm toying with the idea of going back out tonight though, maybe have shorter workouts but do them before and after work? Except tomorrow I have a driving lesson before work so I guess it will have to be the evening only, I'm still working out the kinks. Speaking of kinks, I can feel the use I made of my legs today and yesterday, should have done some stretching!

I'm hoping the exercise will help me smash the scale this week, but I'm also trying to stay realistic so I don't lose it when I don't see any movement. Every time I've ever starting exercising properly it's taken a week or so for my body to adapt to it and let go of the weight. I have a tendency to freak out when this happens.If When that happens, someone please give me a cyber-slap and remind me I foresaw this.