Monday, 22 August 2011


I broke my treadmill just over a week ago and went a little crazy. it was like my mojo just disappeared completely. This also coincided with my scale coming to a stall and I lost it. With the end of the challenge coming up I just wanted to disappear, but I don't want to balloon up again and I most definitely will if I just leave myself to my own devices.

So what now? I've said before that I can deal with the scales ups and downs, and that even though I hate the ups, it's a good motivational tool for me. I like to see progress. All this is true, except recently I've been feeling like that scale is starting to define me, and that's not a healthy place to be. If it's going down then it's great, it makes me happy, blips I think about and it's not great, but stalls? Oh the stalls. They send me out of my mind, I don't see the point if I'm not seeing the progress, it's a bit insane as I know rationally that every bit of progress I see won;t be in weight so I should chill already. I'm so not chill.

Anyway, what's the point of my ramblings? This is the last week of the challenge, so I'll try and make it end with a bang rather than a whimper. Dad went and looked at the treadmill (it had cut out while I was using it and started making this horrible groaning sound) and couldn't find anything wrong with it now, so I'll give it a try and hope it has magically healed itself.

In mid-September-ish I'll (We'll?) be starting a new challenge (you'll all welcome to join, I'll be posting details closer to the start). In the 3-4 weeks in between I'm going to try sticking to things without the scale. I don't know if it will work better for me or not, it'll be my little experiment before the challenge proper. I'll have look at how it's gone before the new one starts and decide where I want to go from there.


  1. There are plenty of ups and downs on thd journey to get healthy and fit. I have had plenty of them. The scale stalled for me for almost 4 months. Now that I finally started losing I made the decision to only weigh in once a month or so. It has helped me move beyond the scale. I know I am doing well because I can feel the difference. So maybe that will work for you? Just cut back on weighing in. But keep your efforts up!

  2. Ah, yes. The ups and downs can be frustrating. But, somehow, we muddle through- one day at a time.

  3. Don't let the scale DEFINE define it. You decide what it is and what it's for.

    For me, good number or bad, I get on it and I use it to decide what to do. That's all. Feedback. It can please me or displease me, but it will not define me.

    I made a loooong long-winded post on the scale and the possible next challenge. I don't think we're on the same page, much as I want to be on the same page, so we can have two challenges. Mine will likely be smaller or very small but require MORE work (non-food/exercise type work). And it will require a number each week like the DDDY , so people who hate giving numbers won't like it.

    But, still, let me know. I always appreciate feedback or critique.

  4. It's hard not to hate the scale; even harder to convince my brain that I am not the number my scale tells me.

  5. The scale can be a stress thing that leads you to emotional eating. I eat because I just lost or eat because I just gained mentality can be destructive to our goals. I am spreading out my scaling.