Wednesday, 3 August 2011

The dangers of late night tv

Aunt Flo turned up after my workout today (3 miles on the treadmill, oh yes), I cannot tell you how sick I am of seeing her. Every 3, 3 and a half weeks? Bam! There she is, knocking on my ovaries. This will also mean the scale will be even more stubborn - bonus!

I shouldn't be allowed to watch shopping channels, I'm far too impressionable. There were these awesome brush pen sets that blend really nicely, and now all I can think of is getting into card craft. To that end I've spent the last hour looking through ebay for Deco style stamp sets and picture element CDs. Thus far I've managed to resist because it's an expensive habit to get in to (the pens are pricey!) and I'm a bit short this month anyway. But I want them bad.

I'm going to have to go to the shops tomorrow for ingredients for tea. We're trying a new thing at home where they let me cook dinner on Wednesday nights, so I'm making lasagna. Hopefully I can time it so I can make the stuff and layer it up before work, then bake it when I get home. It will also mean I can get my exercise from the walk there and back. Given that this whole plan hinges on me not waking up tomorrow, grunting, and going back to sleep, I guess I'd better sign off now.

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