Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Filling time and going shopping!

I shouldn't really be updating from work but My. God. it's been quiet today. I'm just waiting around for an email from one of the clients so I can action the info, and watching the phone.

I plugged my lasagne into spark recipes and it comes out at about 450 calories a serving, which is less than I was anticipating so I'm feeling good about that. With a salad it makes a good dinner that everyone can eat. It was a mad dash to get it all layered up before work though, I was against the clock and left quite a mess...

I'm going to Wellsbourne Market on Monday because it's a bank holiday so no work! Hurray! This will be the first bank holiday I'll actually get off as I used to work them when I was in retail. Even though I've been super-broke this month I've managed to keep my last £50 in reserve for this (pay-day Wednesday! Not a moment to soon). The market is massive, I have a lot of memories of going to it in early December time when I was younger, to look for Christmas presents at a good price, and (later) buy dresses for the Christmas party. Who knows? Maybe I'll find 'the' dress for the challenge I'm getting ready. I seem to remember it being a long journey when I was little (but then, every journey feels long when you're little), but with where we live now it's only about half an hour away by car.

It's terrible really that I remember things by food, but we'd always visit when it was quite cold, so you'd freeze walking around, but then in the middle of the market there was this big baked potato stall where we'd go to thaw out and refuel. It's always stuck in my mind for some reason, even though there are loads of burger vans etc. It was just something we would always do.

It makes me think of Christmas, and I've realised it's not really that far away in terms of pay-days (!). I've been trying to work out my budget, and if I don't want to be stuck I'm going to have to start putting some money to the side for it each month. I've set it up in my budget program on my laptop, so I know how much I'll have to work with total. I'll keep an eye out for anything I think people will like while I'm at the market anyway, because it's likely to be cheaper. I don't mind saving them for a while if it means I can spread the cost out rather than panic in November.

Edit: GOD DAMN IT! I just got an email from my period app telling me I'm due in a couple of days. I absolutely refuse to have my final weigh in while TOM is here, if it comes to it I'll give the WI a bit late.

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  1. LOL... I don't blame you for not weighing in with TOM around...

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