Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Good news

Both yesterday's food and today's have been good, which has been a huge relief. I walked to the supermarket to get some ingredients for tomorrow's dinner (I cook for the family every Wednesday) so that was just over 3 miles. The treadmill is still kind of iffy so exercise is a little harder for me right now.

Dad's requested lasagna, baked potatoes and salad for diner. I'm going to be using quorn mince for the filling instead of beef, so that will help cut the fat a bit. Still, lasagna isn't the healthiest thing, so I'm going to be having it with salad and forget the baked spud to bring the calories down.

Have any of you seen the Philadelphia cream cheese adverts recently? The recipe ones? I've been wanting to make the strawberry meringue one for a while so today I got the ingredients, it was so delicious! Though, I did use supermarket own brand low fat soft cheese instead of philly, which does rather defeat the point of the entire marketing campaign. Basically, make/buy some meringue nests (I got a pack of 8 from Sainsbury's for £1 for convenience sake), mix together some halved sweet strawberries, the soft cheese and low calorie sweetener to taste, the dollop the mix on top of the nest (add some strawberry sauce to finish it off if you like). There! Super easy, tasty, and reasonably low calorie for a dessert as meringue next are only about 50-ish calories and I used low fat cheese with sweetener instead of full fat and icing sugar. I had enough calories left that I sandwiched the mixture between two meringue nests, but it will be equally delicious with one.

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