Friday, 12 August 2011


It's been a long week. The other office person had holiday booked, so I went to full time hours to cover her absence. Tiring, but it will be good when my pay-cheque comes though. Given the state of my bank account this month it will greatly appreciate the overtime injection.

The scale is being stubborn, but I'm still eating right and exercising so I'll have to see some progress eventually. I was sooo close to breaking half an hour for my 3 miles on the treadmill the other day, it was 30:04! Today I wasn't feeling well (kind of like I'm getting a cold but it hasn't quite taken) so I was a couple of minutes slower.

Yahoo news was talking about a website, My Body Gallery today. Here's a short excerpt:

A recent study found that 95% of noneating-disordered women overestimate the size of their hips by 16% and their waists by 25%, yet the same women were able to correctly estimate the width of a box,

The site allows women to upload photos of themselves, then specify weight, height, size, shape etc. It's interesting to see people my size, the huge range in how they look and carry the weight differently.


  1. Extra moolah: nice. And you're doing the right things so losses will show up. They will!

    I am happy with myself at this weight, which I would not have thought before. When I was last this weight, I was in my twenties with firmer skin. But this time I have more muscle. I don't looke the same,c learly, but I guess my standard isn't Hollywood perfect, just normal. And I feel normal now. I feel pretty. I get looks. I have had cars honk. I've been flirted with. Which is beyond weird...and hubby even noticed it when we went walking. They're more discreet when my cutiepie walks next to me, but sometimes, they simply turn and look in that way and we laugh. Yeah, I can live at this FAT weight and be fine.

    I did that test once at the dietitan where I had to select the body that represented MY body and what I WANTED to look like. I did a very accurate job of choosing my "silhouette" no dysmorphia in that sense. And I didn't pick the skinniest body as the "ideal", so I was judged NOT having that sort of issue.

    I hate a lot of stuff about this skin suit that doesn't fit me, but I think feeling good is the thing that balances it out. Feeling good makes up for a lot after feeling like crap for decades. :D

    Happy Friday and a good weekend to you, Z.

  2. You have a great weekend as well. Thanks for the linky up. I like to geek at pics.

    And Whoo hoo...who is that foxy lady who posted above me?...oh it is Princess Dieter...whoa what a beauty...I had to stop typing just to holla!