Friday, 5 August 2011

Walking it

Last Sunday I finally made a return to exercise. Oh, how I was dreading it. I wouldn't have done it at all, but with my change of job my activity has gone from 35 minutes walking to and from stations with 4 hours stints on my feet, to a desk job in an office 30 seconds away from my house. So, the treadmill it was.

I'm sure I'll have times when I absolutely do not want to get up and work out, but luckily so far things have been good. I started on Sunday and have used it ever day. I usually do three miles. Check out my times:

Sun: 44:12
Mon: 43:13
Tue: 40:08
Wed: 39:23
Thu: 35:35
Fri: 34:38

What's really surprised me is how quickly I've seen an improvement! I don't 'run' per se, but I had times yesterday and today when I was at a solid jog for a whole song and fast walked the rest. It doesn't seem like much, but I've only ever walked before so it's a big deal for me. I really pushed myself today to try and get my times down, I'm talking manning up and dripping sweat.

My sister is coming to visit the weekend after this one, and she hasn't seen me since before the challenge began. I'm kind of hoping I will have done enough that she'll notice the difference? I think I'll be a little disappointed if she can't see it. My dad has a work Christmas party that she and I go to every year, and I've decided that one of my mid-term goals is going to be my Christmas dress, I want it to be a size 16. I (only just, and briefly) fit into a size 16 when I came home from Sweden for Christmas in 2003, and that was because it was a forgiving style. I want it to be a 16, a real one.


  1. That's a nice "normalish" if not skinny size. 16UK is like 14US, right? I fit into 14s and that's the size at which I started to feel like a "normalish" fat girl (as opposed to a FAT fat girl or HUGE fat girl, hah).

    I know you can make that by Christmas. Keep improving those times, and it will, absolutely will happen. I'll want to see a pic of that Christmas outfit on you, too! Let's exchange Christmas outfit pics. My goal is to be near enough goal that I can splurge on a sexy dress. Not sexy ho-ish, matron-sexy. hahaha I'm too old for hoochie-sexy.

    Let's do it! Christmas Dress Countdown!

  2. Good exercises, glad you can start up again. Best wishes to another great week!!

  3. Excellent on the exercise! Love those numbers!!