Monday, 26 September 2011

Challenge Check in, Week 1

Hey folks, here's the very first check in, how did everybody do?

I had some good points and bad points this week. The bad was my eating, it was really quite terrible and will have to make a huge improvement. Aunt Flo is jut about packing up to leave though so that should make things easier, but late night eating really killed me. I have removed some foods I can't control myself around from the house, so that will help.

To focus on the positive, I worked out three times this week so I made my exercise goal. Yesterday I made a batch of vegetable chili, split it into portions and froze it, so I have that as a quick to prepare backup when everyone else decided to bring home a take-away, or have fish and chips. For the last two nights I've managed to not give into the temptation to go downstairs late at night and eat.

It's not all bad, but it wasn't good. If I can conquer this overeating then I'll be in good form. As host I should be setting a good example, so I'll try extra hard this week for you guys. Here are the number:

Last week: 230.0#
This week: 229.6#
Difference: -0.4#

A teeny loss, but I'll take it happily. Exercise saved my ass this week, if I hadn't done it I'd be looking at a gain right now. Everyone sign in the linky and let us know how you did, I hope your week was more successful than mine. Please link directly to your post, rather than just your blog. If anyone didn't link up a start (goals) post but still wants to be in the challenge, then please put your goals in your week 1 check in post.


  1. Exercise has been key for me as well. I know the weight would not be coming off like it is without it! The second link is for today's check in. I really don't remember putting that number 1 spot on here. Sorry!

  2. What is up with the linky? Seems to have a mind of it own today.

    Good for you for keeping up the exercise. Plus you lost almost 1/2 a lb., which is wonderful !!

  3. Good job on the exercise. A loss, even small, is still a loss. Here is to another good and productive week!

  4. A loss is a loss!!! It goes toward that beautiful dress :) Congrats and good luck this week!

  5. With exercise, you still took care of your health and got results. Celebrate the small victories because soon they add up - just like gaining one pound at a time adds up - only in a much happier, healthier way! Congratulations. On to week #2!

  6. yay for a loss!! I got my post up and will try to post more.. I've just been super busy.. I know.. no excuses lol

  7. Don't beat yourself up, you had a loss, almost 1/2 pound butter......gone!

  8. You had a loss and thats what counts. Better luck for this week.

    I can't see linky up, but here is my weigh in post for the end of week 1.

    Lazy Girl's Week 1 Weight In

  9. Hi there - just answering your question about the shred. You really do not need a ton of room at all. There is not a lot of movement as there would be in something like zumba. The aerobic (cardio) part is often done in place doing thing such as jumping jacks, running in place, etc. I would say if you can comfortably lay yourself out on a yoga mat to do push ups/sit ups you'll be OK. Depending how tall you are, you'd need a space that is about 6 X 6. Make sure you have enough room to do forward & backward and side to side lunges. Good luck - let me know if you try it!

  10. Sorry about not linking up right away, but I have had some problems with either the linky or my blog. It kept freezing up on me. I did finally get around to everyone, and I hope they got my comments. Again, thanks for doing this. It's making a big difference!