Monday, 5 September 2011

Good Morning Vietnam

Aaaand I'm back. Where did the time go?

It seems to be flying by here, my step-sister returned from visiting her Ukrainian grandmother for the summer (her grandfather was over visiting here at the same time, but he's staying a bit longer yet so they'll still get to see each other) and is back to school tomorrow. My mum's 50th birthday is in mid-October, which feels right around the corner, so we're trying to get things planned out for that, and time seems to be going really fast.

I was watching a program on TV once and they said that the way we perceive time internally, that is the way some things can seem to take forever and others go in a blink of an eye) changes as we get older because it depends on the percentage of your life that time is taking. So for a child a day is forever, but for an adult that day takes up a smaller percentage of their life, and therefore time seems to move faster the older you get. This explains why every time I turn around it's Thursday again and we're gearing up for the weekend, but also makes me feel very old.

I was having trouble tracking down a dress for the challenge, but eBay seems to have come through for me. I was having a problem because the Christmas-style party dresses don't really come out until late October, but I want mine in a few weeks and I also don't want to spend the world on it. I have a tendency to go a little overboard with how much I pay for it because it's a special party, but then because of that I buy an outfit specifically, so I don't often wear it again.

Right now I have it down to three finalists (er, I say this with love for you all, but if you look and think 'ooh, that's nice, don't be a dick and bid against me, that's just mean). As you can see, they're all size 16s. It's a risk because I am emphatically not a 16 at the moment, but as they're not mega-expensive I may get a couple of them and do my best to fit into them when the time comes.

Speaking motivationally, finding some possible outfits has given me a boost. I kind of lost my forward momentum the last couple of weeks, aside from a couple of days nothing monumental, but enough that I don't want to leave myself floundering any longer. To that end, I got up this morning a little earlier (haaard! I was already doing overtime so had to be in work for nine, I'm not a morning person and usually work afternoons) to give myself time to do a full skincare routine and make breakfast and a lunch (nothing fancy, whole wheat pasta with some low fat pesto with tomatoes/cheese). It's amazing how much better and more focused you can feel from doing your make-up properly, it just makes me feel more put together and able to handle the world than when I rush from house to office feeling crappy. No one else is in the office today so it's not like anyone is going to see me, but it still changes your perspective. Choosing/having the dress(es) as a concrete goal that I can see/touch/try on will be really good for me.

Next mini-goal: I've found some silicone spray for the belt, so spray and back to the treadmill!

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