Saturday, 10 September 2011


In preparation for the start of the challenge, I decided to sort myself out and try and get myself back into healthy habits. Try and make it so it's not too much of a shock when we go for real. I also thought 'well, if the motivation is there then I don't have to wait for the challenge to start' so I went for it. I'm proud to announce that for the first time in a long time, yesterday was completely clean eating (ended the day on 1256 calories and all my fruit/veggies in)! About time too. I also did my exercise, which is the hardest bit for me, despite the fact that it turns out my treadmill is not fixed after all (doh!). At 0.8 miles it conked out again. I would usually decide 'well, that's it' but the motivation was strong in me, so I had dinner and then did the Sainsbury's loop for a total of 3.2 miles, so that was 4 miles for the day.

Today is going well so far. I had an egg/spinach wrap for lunch, the went for a walk to the library to return some books (just under 2 miles round trip) so I can count that as my exercise for the day, then had a banana as a snack when I came back. There seems to be some pizza defrosting downstairs, so I'll pass on that for dinner and make my own.

Man, it feels so good to have a successful day under my belt. It's amazing the difference it makes.

Have you all signed up for the Christmas Dress Challenge? Yes, I'm going to keep plugging it. We have a group right now but I'd love some more participants, so don't be shy! I've tried not to put too many hard and fast rules in so that it's as flexible for as many different weight loss styles as possible. I'll put a few recommendations up when we start of other things you could add if you're looking for a bit more guidance, but the basic sign up musts are setting a goal and checking in regularly.


  1. Great idea. I looked into this and since I had started another session of weight loss recently and kept blowing it, I thought the challenge is further in and I have the time to recoup.

    I started clean today as well. I want my scale to be either where it is now or a tad lighter cuz I be dreaming of a light Christmas LOL.

    And I will be looking for a party to go to as well. Maybe I will have some Santa's looking my I need a generous happy fellow in my life!

  2. I´m doing the challenge as well. Looks like you´re off to a good start! Hopefully we´ll both do good this week.

  3. I´m sorry. Me again. Somehow I got this all mixed up. I joined a group over at this URL where there is a Christmas Dress Challenge. I assumed you were writing about the same thing, but have realized it´s not. So sorry. I´m not sure if I can do two challenges at once, so I´m retracting my participation for now. But I´ll be following it for sure. And reading how you do.