Saturday, 17 September 2011

Let's Get Ready to Rumble!

Okay everyone! We'll be starting the Christmas Dress Challenge come Monday, so I'm going to post the Mister Linky at the end of this post so everyone can link up and check everyone else out. It's a bit earlier than usual because it's the first time, for the duration of the challenge I'm going to be putting up the linky every Sunday night, and closing it for submissions some time Tuesday. I'm keeping it open for a couple of days because I'm working on UK time and I know a lot of you aren't, but check in day is Monday.

I'm going to do a quick recap of the rules, as well as suggestions to help your progress. FOLLOW THE RULES. I've deliberately made them as few and as flexible as possible, so I'm not asking too much. Whatever else you add to them is up to you, if you feel you're capable of doing more then go for it! If you're fine with what's here now then that's great too, keeping going and being consistent is key here. I'd rather you did the basic two things and keep doing them then have a list of 10 things you want to do that make you quit three weeks in.


1) Define your goals
Having a goal is really important, it gives you something tangible to work towards. To this end I want everyone to do a start post outlining your goals and link it up below. If you have a Christmas dress, or another piece of clothing, then tell us what size it is, and take a picture (if you can). Tell us where your starting from and where you want to get to, be it a number on the scale, a dress size, or a combination of the two.

2) Link up every week
I cannot stress this enough, the check in is compulsory. Whether you do well or whether you struggle, come check in day I want your name on that linky. Everyone has bad weeks, we're not here to mock you for them. For the check in I will expect everyone to weigh in. You don't have to post your number if that makes you super-uncomfortable, but you will have to post how that number changes (so for example, you don't have to write 'today I weigh 400#', but you would have to put 'this week I lost/gained 2#). A couple of you have pre-approved exemptions from or adaptations of this rule, you know who you are.

I would also appreciate it people would put this graphic on their sidebar and link back to me, I will have a link to all participants up in my sidebar ASAP, based on everyone that commented on the challenge description page (if you're not on the sidebar when it goes up and you should be, please let me know! If you're on the list and you shouldn't be, also leave me a comment):

That's it for the official rules! If you wish, you can also think of adding in extras such as a regular exercise target ( do some good calendars you can put in you sidebar to help track this), a calorie/carb/point (depending on your eating plan) daily dietary target, and a fruit/veg and water target. I would highly recommend having a regular exercise target of some kind. 3 times a week is a good start, more if you can manage it, but don't sweat it (see what I did there?) if you can't. The kind and amount of food you eat is much more personal and harder to pin down, but regular exercise will make goals more reachable for every single person here. You don;t need to have a gym membership, home gym equipment, a Wii or DVDs. Those are great tools to use, but something as simple as going for a walk will do.

In the interests of leading by example, here is my start post:

Current weight: 104.3kg/230.0#
Current size: 18-20UK depending on item


a) To fit into this size 16 dress for a Christmas Party on December 22nd:

Currently I can get this dress on my body, but I can't zip it up. I may have another dress in contention for 'the' dress, which is also a size 16, but I haven't bought it yet.

b) To exercise at least 3 times a week.

I'm hoping for a bit more, but I want to be realistic and choose goals I can stick to, so we'll say 3 for now and anything else is a bonus.

Although I don't have a weight goal in mind for this as I don't know how much it will take for the dress to fit, I also have a mini goal of getting below 100kg. It been a number I haven't been able to crack for years and I'm pretty desperate to finally see the back of it.

Good Luck everyone!


  1. Looking forward to starting! Being an Aussie the time difference can be a pain, but I am on countdown, less than 24 hours before this journey begins :) Going food shopping this afternoon for all the good stuff. My goals post will be up today.

    P.S Your dress is gorgeous!!

    Lazy Girl ♥♥♥

  2. Goal Post Up.

  3. Sorry but I won't be able to participate. I will be cheering everyone on though.

  4. Sounds good! I'll be back tomorrow with my start post!

  5. Sadly I will be opting out. Im extremely unprepared and I'm thinking of going accountability free for another month as far as numbers go. If the challenge was a few weeks long I'd do something like it but 3 months is still a good ways off. Ugh, hope this doesnt make me a jerkface, I'll still be cheering everyone on!! :0)

  6. I LOVE love your dress! It will look gorgeous on you!! Good luck with the challenge!

    Please take me out of your list of participants. I already started the exact same challenge with "Princess Dieter" and it will be too confusing if I do two of the same. I will be cheering you and the rest on, but won´t be adding my link. Sorry.

  7. My goal post is

    Good luck everyone! I am looking forward to this challenge =)

  8. Love the fact that you are able to do the linky tool. Makes it so easy. I wish everyone the best of luck in getting to the reward of their dress.

  9. This is the first time I have been visiting your site, but because my sister told me all about it, I quickly started my own blog today so that I can participate. I'm sooo thankful, that I finally have found a group that wants to compromise with each other!!! I just can't do it by myself!
    My blog with my goals is

  10. Hi,
    I just changed my numbers of pounds after I met with a american friend today (yes, here in China) and she told me, that 1 kg is actually 2.2 pounds. So, I started to use a converter and I think it's more accurate now. I also changed some other things...

  11. Looking forward to this challenge more than you know! Thanks for getting us all started.

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  13. Sorry, I deleted the comment above when I noticed the little linky. I'm happy to join this group and this fun challenge. It is my goal to be able to wear a size 14 dress for the holidays rather than my current size 18! WooHoo. I love this time of year. Blessings to everyone in this challenge. Jackie