Friday, 23 September 2011

A mixed bag

Tally ho bloggers! How's everyone doing? My week has been a bit of a mixed bag. Exercise is doing fine, I've done the supermarket walk loop twice so I'm on track for my three lots of exercise, but food still continues to be a struggle. I've banned nutella and crumpets from my cupboard as I don't seem to be able to control myself around either of them, so not buying them seems the best solution for now. I used to use a teaspoon of nutella as a quick chocolate fix when desperate, but it's gotten out of hand. I'm also making a concious effort from right now to limit the amount of bread I eat. Not because I'm low carbing or anything, but because I've been using it as a quick snack and it's also creeping up. I bought some cereal bars, but they're only here on a trial basis as I've had trouble with them before (I find them a little too moreish). I have the chocolate fibre plus bars (really delicious, exactly the texture I need for a satisfying bite and a good flavour), and these new ginger flavoured bars by... Golden Valley I think?). I'm saying I can have one a day, if I find it too hard to do that, then I'll cut those from the shopping list, not point putting myself in temptations way.

It sounds a little ridiculous, reading this back, that I have to take those kinds of measures, but if it works it works I suppose. To be fair, TOM arrived late last night/early this morning, so the struggles I've been having may just have been the unknown onset of that. I hope so. Fingers crossed that it disappears quickly enough (and I get enough control over my food) that I see a loss this week. I'd be disappointed if I didn't, especially as I'm the challenge host!


  1. It's been a struggle for me this week trying to find the time to exercise. I've had 2 birthday dinners to go to -do you know how hard it is NOT TO OVEREAT at a birthday dinner? Anyway, so far, so good but I'd like to see a bigger loss this first week. I know the pounds will go if I can just force myself to do the tae bo.

  2. I'm having the opposite problem that you're having. I am eating good and not exercising. I didn't realize how much of a struggle it would be to find time to exercise! I am so not a morning person, but I think I'm going to have to bite the bullet and get up earlier next week to exercise.

  3. In the US, a "crumpet" is appropriately called an "english muffin". I do so love them toasted and watch the butter drain into the indentations. I could find that hard as well. And besides breakfast, dinner and lunch you have "tea time" as temptation to include a forbidden sweet or something? Here in my town they have "happy hour" at a local coffee place called "Hardback Cafe" which is a Starbucks alternative. Two for the price of one! Lattes and frappes are a temptation already, but if you have a paying friend...yours is free? Now that is hard.

    Yep when in doubt of our willpower best to ban the item entirely from the household!

    Looking forward to weigh in. With that in the near future, I am determined to keep on track.

  4. I may or may not have mixed myself up, but I joined the Christmas Dress Challenge hosted by Princess Dieter. I will gladly cheer you on in yours though! Sorry for any confusion. :) Happy losing!!!!

  5. I have to pan Nutella from my house, too. I also get a fix, or more than a fix, by dipping into the jar with a spoon. Much easier with it out of the house. I have learned that keeping the triggers out of reach really helps me.

  6. A crumpet is absolutely NOT an English Muffin!! Here in the states, (I've found Crumpets in stores from CA to NC) they are two very different things, with a Crumpete being far superior, in my opinion! :)

    Now that we have that cleared up... I met with my nutrition counselor this morning and after reading your post, have decided you were sitting there with me (with regard to your banishment of nutella/other things you cannot resist)!

    My homework assignment (to remain consistently on plan) is to:

    1) Remind myself that what I'm craving really doesn't taste that good/won't be that good in the end any way.

    Too often I eat crap because I'm craving it, feel as if I deserve it or believe I want or need it to sooth me. Then after I eat it and all too often WHILE I'm eating it, I realize it wasn't worth going off plan for in the first place! So it begins with a reminder that the crap I think I want cannot possibly live up to what I have it built up to in my mind...

    2) Before I eat off-plan ask myself FIRST... Am I really hungry? What am I really feeling that is making me want to eat crap?

    Explore to identify the feelings, sit with the feelings, and then perform an appropriate response for the feeling. Throw tennis balls against the wall for anger, cry if I must, confront someone disappointing me, vent to a friend, or take a warm bath/jacuzzi to give myself a hug if I need one.

    3) Stay away from trigger foods for 2 weeks.

    Clean out the pantry and freezer. No eating out/no junk. Take healthy options with me when we travel during meal times. Choose salads if I absolutely must eat out (work lunch obligations). Give myself a break from the crap. RE-establishing a boundary again will help me break the cycle I'm stuck in.

    4) Focus on the high I get from my exercise and how really good I feel after I've exercised.

    Also... Recall how proud I am of myself when I finish a class!

    It was also recommended that I read the book: "Eat what you love/Love what you eat" by Michelle May. Apparently you can download the first chapter of this book for free on her website.

    That's what I've learned in session this week!

    On we go!

  7. Glad to hear I am not the only one that has done the spoonful of Nutella as a quick sweet-craving chocolate fix!!! That stuff is sinful!!!

  8. My bad...english muffins are actually a fast Americanized production line wanna be crumpet kind a like fish sticks are to the fish you would see in a British Fish and Chips could you handle that analogy...

    I now have to search out a real crumpet and eat one...maybe a goal reward for AFTER this challenge. Not to make a habit, just to broaden my ethnic food palette. And maybe even go to this place in town that is owned by a British couple and see if THEY have one (after their mentioning of it when they were buying supplies at my lane when I worked groceries 3 yrs ago)along with traditional Fish and Chips and try Guiness for the first time. The idea of thick and dark and the price of a six pack had always made me wait on that one. I figure I could buy a half pint at some bar..but I don't drink much (anymore) or go to bars...

    Seen a lot of people buying Nutella, but never had it. Also Jalapeno jelly...

  9. I have a jar of Rawtella I keep in the kitchen in plain view. It's just barely tempting. :) I use it when I want a choco fix without the bad stuff in Nutella. No, it doesn't taste like Nutella (which I used to eat a lot in the late 90s, no really much in the last few years at all).

    I ban whatever I can't control. Period. Until I can control it, it goes. :) I find that chocolate bars can last ages sitting there, and I don't have to scarf them down anymore. So, they are welcome again in hour home. :D

  10. I know what you mean about crumpets AND Nutella! There are some things I can't keep around. So far, this week has been good, and I should have some weight loss to report on Monday. We are going to our cabin this weekend, so I will have to be extra vigilant, however. Trying to stay at 1200 calories, and it's going pretty well! Have a great weekend!

  11. I understand exactly where you are. I did the same thing with Nutella, thinking to keep it around for emergencies, but I failed with it. The Captains Daughter had some great input :)

    Hang in there, you are making better choices for yourself and that is a huge step for most. Keep going :)

  12. For me the chocolate bars are so tempting! I had to finish them all before I was ready for this challenge. hahaha And because in China, or at least in THIS part of China you can not buy Chocolate bars, so I have no temptation on that anymore. hahaha I'm exited about Monday. I so much hope, we all will celebrate our first loss of pounds. Wish you luck.

  13. Hey! My internet has been down and I wasn't able to link up for the first link thing for the challenge. I wasn't able to write the first post either obviously since I had no internet. I still want to participate in this challenge so let me know if you are okay with me still doing it. You can email me at so it's easier that "stalking" my blog :) Thanks!