Friday, 30 September 2011

Paging September

HOW IS IT FRIDAY AGAIN? Where the time goes I really don't know. I've started a basic accounting course on Tuesday nights and am increasing the frequency of my driving lessons as I get closer to test level, add that to work and the days just seem to disappear. Every time I turn around I seem to be staring another weekend in the face.

I've only done one lot of walking this week so far, again, the time seemed to run away from me. I'm going to walk tomorrow night and this weekend though to make sure I hit my three times at the very least. Food continues to be a struggle, but I'll put my all into the next three days to really try and make a difference. Good thing I know you guys read this, it gives me motivation to get my arse into gear.

The weather has been kind of mad here in little Britain. Last week the temperature took a kind of plummet. The cold nights and rain that had me upgrading to my winter coat and buying jumpers, crushing acorns as I took my walk and having to stop every two minutes so my stepsister could pick up conkers to play with at school. This week? Glorious blue skies and sunshine, temperatures of 22-24C. It's been this way for four days (a long time for any type of the same weather to stick around, let alone sun) and is forecast to continue for the rest of the week. Britain, who are you and what have you done with the real country? In true British fashion I can't just have something nice happen and that be it though, the ladybird infestation of my window ledge has made a reappearance, forcing me to hover up all the little bastards and gaffa-tape my window edges shut (not a long term solution I realise, but my window isn't fitted properly, and it's the gaps that lets them in to gather and breed). I know ladybirds are on the nicer end of the 'things my room could be infested with' parade as they are of the non-bitey non-stingy persuasion, but I had to kill 14 of them when I opened my curtains tonight! I'm not that much OK with the idea of sleeping when flying insects can land on me and crawl everywhere. Fortunately, there's no way the sun can handle being here much longer, so their days are numbered.


  1. Gosh, haven't seen a conker in years...they're called buckeyes over here. I love conker trees especially when they are in flower. They don't grow down here in Florida, such a shame. Lady birds can be a pain, my mother in law quite often gets inundated with them every year. Good luck with the exercise this weekend.

  2. I've been feeling the same way about the week. They are flying by way too fast! I'm no where near ready for October, that's for sure. And I will keep you super accountable. As long as you do the same for me! :) Have fun this weekend!

  3. Yes, time just flies by tooo quick. Tomorrow it will be October and I'm not ready either. Before we realize, it will be Christmas!

  4. I agree with the time flying by. It almost seems like we're in some sort of a time-warp, especially this time of the year. I love fall and the months from September to January simply go too fast! Enjoy your walks this weekend and soak up Nature and her healing energy. I've been great with watching my food, but absolutely no exercise so far this week. Bummer! There's still the weekend and a beautiful weather forecast for my part of the world. I'll be checking back on Monday. Enjoy your weekend!