Monday, 19 September 2011

Things I learned today that I already knew

People here to sign up to the Christmas Dress Challenge, the linky is here. I've got 19 people in the challenge but only 13 link ups, so please remember to before it closes tomorrow!

Today I learned was reminded that if it's a case of staying in bed VS. well, pretty much anything else, staying in bed is going to win. Easily and every time. I suppose it goes back to what I said about being realistic about what you can achieve. A lot of people get up at 5am so they can exercise before they start their 'real' day, going to work/caring for their families etc. My part-time work schedule doesn't demand it (I work from 1-5pm mon-fri) and my natural sleep cycle is completely a night owl. So why am I putting myself out of sorts by trying to do my exercise in the morning? No reason it seems. So I didn't get up and went walking after dinner instead. With the weather turning it may become a problem when it gets colder, but for now I'll manage. I'm hoping to get a recumbent bike at some point, once I get the money together as they're super-expensive, which will help when it gets really cold.

So, good news: I did my exercise today, (kind of) bad news: I refused to do it when I woke up at 9am for that purpose, deciding instead to sleep some more. I also ate within calories and have decided to give myself a 9pm cut off for eating to stop the night eating I sometimes have a problem with. All in all, a successful day.


  1. Good Start! So far today I have been very good - but I'm still at work. Home tends to be where I have the problems - but I WILL NOT overeat tonight!

  2. I'm a night owl too! I don't think it matters what time of day the exercise is done, so long as it gets done!

  3. I have found in the past that if I forced myself to do things that didn't feel "natural" (like waking at 4:45 to exercise for example) I was much less likely to stick with it. So I think you have to do what works for you. And if you can still find the motivation in the evening to get your workout in, who is anyone to argue?? :-)

  4. A friend of mine who has a fitness/health website and blog asked me to do a guest post about the challenges- I wanted to mentioned yours and I have one question- do you prefer the challengers be bloggers themselves? Thanks!

  5. I used to walk always at dinner time, when my family is eating, so that I don't get so much tentations.

    I would love to join you. Specially when it's getting darker and colder outside, it is more challenging to go out and do exercise.