Monday, 31 October 2011

Challenge check in Week 6

Big shocker, but I'm running late for my driving lesson so I'll make this quick. I weighed in at 231 this morning, that's a loss of one pound for the week. I am very glad to be able to report a loss for a change! I managed to get in my three lots of exercise and overall made some reasonable choices. I wasn't perfect, or even close, but I was better and it showed. Hopefully it will continue this week.

Hope everyone had a good week! Try and resist the Halloween candy!

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Contain your shock...

An actual update! Determined that this week shall be better than last I wanted to make sure I posted on days other than check in, hopefully to keep me a little more 'present' in the challenge.

I had plans to walk yesterday, but then 10 minutes before work finished we had quite a fierce downpour. Huddled under my umbrella as I crossed the garden back home I though it would put paid to any exercise outside. It rained hard for about 15 minutes, but then seemed to ease into a light drizzle. I dithered for a few minutes, torn between waiting the rain out because I didn't want to get wet, and saying 'sod it' and going now. Eventually I let the voice of reason telling me that even if it stopped raining I was unlikely to go after dinner when I was warm and full and outside was darker and colder (it's getting dark so early now!) prevail, so 'sod it, go now' won after all.

I was justly rewarded for my efforts! I stepped outside, wrapped up in a jumper and my coat, to find the rain all but disappeared. This was on the horizon (causing me to give up hope originally):

Fortunately I turned around and realised I was heading in this direction:

I walked to the supermarket and back (3.2 miles), it may have rained while I was in there I'm not sure, but I stayed dry both ways.

10 minutes after I arrived home, it started to seriously pour again. I'm so glad I didn't put it off! It's half term week here in the UK, so schools are closed. This means I don't have to rush to college tonight so I'm going to walk again, give myself a bit more leeway later in the week if my enthusiasm wanes. Food today has been good, if sparse (I chose sleep over breakfast, and as my breakfast is actually lunch I'm now hungry), but then it's food in the evening that tends to be a problem for me. I've had some grapes for a snack, but I need to eat something when I get in so I don't buy unhealthy things when I go the shop.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Challenge Check in, Week 5

I know I seem to say this every post now, but how has another week passed? If time goes any faster I'm going to get whiplash.

Food this week was middling, but I didn't get enough exercise. The newly revived scale says 232, which means I've now got a net gain for the challenge (fail!). That being said, I have no idea what last week's weight was, so that could well be a loss for the week given how I ate while I was away. Therefore, I've decided no freak out necessary. I do wish I could find my proper kick ass mojo again though!

Hope this week has been awesome for all of you! I will make some time tonight to go through the blog list and check in properly, I've been neglecting you all.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Challenge Check in, Week 4

Sorry for not being around this week, and for not checking in on everyone's blogs. The first few days I redecorated my room and didn't want my laptop around as I stripped wallpaper and painted in case I got anything on it. The last few days I spent in a holiday resort in Skegness with my mum and family because it was my mum's 50t birthday, and though I took my laptop so I could update, there was no wifi access on site.

Food was bad, let's get that out the way right now. Most places to eat there some kind of fast food, and I didn't try to make good choices. Oddly though, mentally I'm in a better place now then I was at the end of last week, even though physically I feel significantly fatter. I say 'feel' because my scale decided to do the merciful thing and through up gibberish and err messages when I stepped on it, apparently it needs a new battery.

On the plus side, I want to go downstairs and eat vegetables and other things that were grown in the earth, it's significant how much worse not eating good stuff makes you feel. Even when I'm binging on bad stuff, I tend to have my 5 a day and things, so it was odd not to.

I hope everyone's week went well! Thank you for all the comments last time, I really was feeling like a failure and the reassurance helped. I'll try and be more supportive to you all in turn this week.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Challenge Check in, Week 3

Weight last week: 228.0#
Weight this week: 230.4#
Difference: +2.4#

Ugh, UGH, I don't even want to talk about it.

I will say thank you for all for the supportive comments though, and thanks particularly to Lauren whose well timed chat over google stopped me from baking a batch of scones and then falling face first into them.

This is stupid, I'm being stupid. I'm exercising, if I eat right I will lose.

Here's the linky, you all know what to do. Please remember to add your links, just updating your blog isn't enough! We need to be able to actually go and see it.

Sunday, 9 October 2011


I've spent the last two days in full out binge mode, and the damage is bad. Not quite sure what else to say about that really other than the fact that I absolutely do not want to weigh in tomorrow. I feel really crappy that I did this to myself.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Thursday again

Seriously, every time I turn around...

Autumn has decided to return to the UK, and I'll admit I missed it. The sun was lovely, but I was just about ready to start snuggling into blankets and jumpers again.

Today has been fine so far, I think yesterday was a bit off though. Nothing major, but I didn't track properly, which I think may have led to me eating either slightly more than I should of, or if I wasn't over then the food was less balanced. I did my walking after work but I had to get some shopping when I got to the supermarket, so by the time I got home I was tired and decided to take the lazy way out and have a weight watcher's chicken curry microwave meal and some asparagus for dinner. It's rare I eat convenience food. Everyone else went to Ming Moon though, (a massive all you can eat Chinese buffet in town), which I declined, so overall I think things could have been much much worse. I was slightly up from yesterday when I stepped on the scale this morning, but I think that's because of the unbalanced food.

Exercise has been going fine, I walked Monday and yesterday, so I'll walk again either Friday or Saturday to round off my week. I've noticed that it's started getting darker earlier and it was super windy yesterday, which is making walking outside less pleasant, but I'm still doing it for now. I think I need to get some new shoes though, I've started to wear through my current ones, leaving me with soggy feet yesterday. Tonight I won't be walking though, I have to look at the 'show me tell me' questions for my driving lesson, and at some point this week I need to do my accounting homework.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Challenge Check in, Week 2

I have a driving lesson in half an hour, so this is going to be rather a flying update.

Weight last week: 229.6#
Weight this week: 228.0#
Difference: -1.6#

I'm glad to see a bigger loss this week. I was going to moan it wasn't more as it's higher than my low point yesterday but then I remembered at my heaviest I was 2 lbs up on last week, so decided to shut it. If I'd had a bit more sleep I probably would have seen a bit lower, but I had to get up for my driving lesson so that's that. I did well with exercise this week, walking four times, which exceeded my goal.

I hope everyone's week has been successful! Here's the linky, don't forget to link directly to your post.

Saturday, 1 October 2011


Denmark introduces world's first food fat tax. Hmm, what are everyone's thoughts on that as an idea. Good/Bad/Won't make a difference? Why?

Today has also gone well, I've managed to get my third walk in so I've made my goal for this week. We've had record high temperatures for October today, in the region of 29C (a very high temperature for the UK even in summer), so it seems that everyone has taken the opportunity to get outside while they can. Personally, I had my priorities in order and chose a day walk so that I could be home in time for the new series of Merlin. I passed an older couple on my way up my route, then passed them again on my way home; they'd obviously had the same idea as I did and had gone for a walk. When I saw them again I took my earphone out and laughed, saying 'back again' and they told me yes and that they really appreciated the fact that I'd smiled at them when I saw them in passing first time round, because most people glue their eyes to the floor, so they had been talking about how nice I was. It was a lovely moment.

Knock wood I'll have a good day and be able to pull a good loss for Monday's weigh in. I'm down on the scale right now, but not as much as I'd like to be. Given that at my high point this week I was at 231.8 though (a 2# gain!) I should be happy that I'm down at all! Shows what a difference a few good days can make. Tomorrow will be a full on cleaning day as it's my turn this weekend and I have a tonne of laundry to do anyway.