Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Contain your shock...

An actual update! Determined that this week shall be better than last I wanted to make sure I posted on days other than check in, hopefully to keep me a little more 'present' in the challenge.

I had plans to walk yesterday, but then 10 minutes before work finished we had quite a fierce downpour. Huddled under my umbrella as I crossed the garden back home I though it would put paid to any exercise outside. It rained hard for about 15 minutes, but then seemed to ease into a light drizzle. I dithered for a few minutes, torn between waiting the rain out because I didn't want to get wet, and saying 'sod it' and going now. Eventually I let the voice of reason telling me that even if it stopped raining I was unlikely to go after dinner when I was warm and full and outside was darker and colder (it's getting dark so early now!) prevail, so 'sod it, go now' won after all.

I was justly rewarded for my efforts! I stepped outside, wrapped up in a jumper and my coat, to find the rain all but disappeared. This was on the horizon (causing me to give up hope originally):

Fortunately I turned around and realised I was heading in this direction:

I walked to the supermarket and back (3.2 miles), it may have rained while I was in there I'm not sure, but I stayed dry both ways.

10 minutes after I arrived home, it started to seriously pour again. I'm so glad I didn't put it off! It's half term week here in the UK, so schools are closed. This means I don't have to rush to college tonight so I'm going to walk again, give myself a bit more leeway later in the week if my enthusiasm wanes. Food today has been good, if sparse (I chose sleep over breakfast, and as my breakfast is actually lunch I'm now hungry), but then it's food in the evening that tends to be a problem for me. I've had some grapes for a snack, but I need to eat something when I get in so I don't buy unhealthy things when I go the shop.


  1. Great job on the walk! Thanks for those beautiful photos, too! Gorgeous!

  2. I'm so proud of you for going ahead and getting that walk in! Excellent!

  3. Yay!! Good for you!!!

    Girl, if what was outside my door was that open and inviting, I'd be walking all the dang time. :) I live in a sorta skeevy neighborhood and I take a knife with me to walk. Sigh. But the little MiMo section I visit from time to time is emotionally refreshing. So retro and peaceful. Worth the skeevy parts on the other side. :D

    Happy updating this week. Do it lots.

  4. Now I'm home sick.......jk! Congrats on the walk even if the sky was ominous.

  5. Good for you! Sometimes you just have to jump on the exercise thing before you seriously talk yourself out of it. It's easy to do - I know! I too thought checking in mid-week might make my accountability stick a bit better - I found I was just posting on check in days. I;m going to try to blog at least 3 times a week going forward.
    Love the pics too, by the way! What a gorgeous bit of scenery!

  6. 3.2 miles is a good walk in my book!!!