Saturday, 1 October 2011


Denmark introduces world's first food fat tax. Hmm, what are everyone's thoughts on that as an idea. Good/Bad/Won't make a difference? Why?

Today has also gone well, I've managed to get my third walk in so I've made my goal for this week. We've had record high temperatures for October today, in the region of 29C (a very high temperature for the UK even in summer), so it seems that everyone has taken the opportunity to get outside while they can. Personally, I had my priorities in order and chose a day walk so that I could be home in time for the new series of Merlin. I passed an older couple on my way up my route, then passed them again on my way home; they'd obviously had the same idea as I did and had gone for a walk. When I saw them again I took my earphone out and laughed, saying 'back again' and they told me yes and that they really appreciated the fact that I'd smiled at them when I saw them in passing first time round, because most people glue their eyes to the floor, so they had been talking about how nice I was. It was a lovely moment.

Knock wood I'll have a good day and be able to pull a good loss for Monday's weigh in. I'm down on the scale right now, but not as much as I'd like to be. Given that at my high point this week I was at 231.8 though (a 2# gain!) I should be happy that I'm down at all! Shows what a difference a few good days can make. Tomorrow will be a full on cleaning day as it's my turn this weekend and I have a tonne of laundry to do anyway.


  1. Nice work on the exercise!!

    I think the "fat" tax is not really getting at the problem. It doubt there will be no difference in obesity, but maybe the "fat" tax is really targeted at more of the cardio disease associated with saturated fats. But,truthfully, it will do little to make a change. People can live with price hikes. I want to know what the Danish Gov. will do with that tax money. Maybe that is where they will make a difference in terms of education or programs.

  2. There's no looking down when we walk around here- everybody has to speak and, sometimes, they want to stop and talk. Which is annoying because I'm trying to keep my heart rate up...LOL Sometimes I wish they would all look down.