Monday, 28 November 2011

Week 10 Check In

So sorry everyone!

I've had a bit of a busy day, coupled with intermittent Internet problems, and I just completely forgot about putting the check in up! As oppose to when I just wish I could forget about it;). Actually, the Internet connection is fine, but my wireless adapters have decided to have a tantrum, which makes me think I need a new laptop. Ideally I could ask for one for Christmas, but I don't think I can go the month without mine.

How was every body's Thanksgiving? That was this week for American's right? I hope you all had a lovely time and got some bargains in the sales. Things have been OK here, I had a driving lesson (test on Friday - merp), and I got through to the next stage of my Disney English application to go teach English in China for a year. I have a Skype interview with them on Wednesday (assuming my Internet lasts that long - I DON'T NEED THIS EXTRA PRESSURE). It's kind of long, they said leave 60 minutes? I assumed it would go: online application, Skype interview, face to face interview, but maybe I'm wrong. Maybe the logistics of interviewing worldwide just mean they use the Internet. When I did the International programme at the Florida theme park I had to go to their head office in London to have my face to face, but that involves a lot more people I would think. Guess I'll find out? I've also just (about 10 minutes ago) finished a mock exam for my book-keeping course and I got 95%! Now if only I can do that on exam day.

So many things to freak out about, so little time!

Monday, 21 November 2011

Week 9 Check in

Sorry this is late! I wrote the rest of this post earlier and thought I had posted it, but just went to check the links and saw it in my drafts. Sidenote: Does anyone know what has happened to E.Jane? Her blog has been deleted :( Crisis averted :).

I was toying with the idea of pulling out of the challenge since having to buy a new dress, not stopping the challenge (you're all doing so well!), but not taking part. Then I thought about it and now I think it would be pretty shoddy of me to do that, even if I doing terribly. It's kind of hypocritical of me to tell people to keep trying and do their best if I blow the whole thing off myself. So here I am. Weight is up 2 pounds from week before last, but down 4 from TOM weigh in, so I suppose how good/bad I did depends on your perspective.

I was reading Michele's post yesterday and it galvanised me into trying to oil the treadmill, hoping against hope that that was all it needed. It wouldn't even pretend to work for a while after, it just sat there moaning. I think the motor is well and truly burnt out. The weather is getting cold, and very dark very early here (dark at 16:30 before I leave work dark), so I'm really not doing much exercise at all. Excuses excuses I know, but you'd be amazed how hard it is to motivate yourself with it.

Work is very quiet today, but all the paperwork we sent out last week for revisits will be coming back on Friday, and will all need to be processed and turned that same day to get them out for regular visits in time, so things will be absolutely manic.

But enough about me...

Saturday, 19 November 2011

More Shopping

Everyone is away for a wedding in Cornwall (5-6 hour drive away) so I have the house to myself for a few days. I'm hoping I don't go nuts while everyone is away, food wasn't great today, but wasn't full out binge.

So, I've coming to terms with the fact that I really haven't put the effort into this challenge I should have, even though all you guys have been fantastic! I actually weigh heavier now then I did when I started, which isn't a great feeling. I had to be realistic and accept that even if I go hardcore for the rest of this challenge there is no way I'm fitting into my dress by the date I need to, so when I went into town last weekend I picked out something new for myself.

On a side note, things didn't go exactly to plan that day. I was supposed go and find something for my mum and step-mum, instead I spent £130 on myself and came home with no presents - Christmas shopping fail!

If you'll excuse the crappy phone pic, here's the new dress! Due to afore-mentioned crappiness, I don't know how much of the detailing you can see, but it's made of a black glittery material, and the shoes are gold glitter rather than the colour material they look like (in case you haven't guessed, glitter is very much on trend for the UK right now, also, the return of the cowl - the seventies are back baby).

I was trying to avoid going to town again because it's going to start getting busy with Christmas a-comin' (35 days! No, that's not a Christmas countdown app on my phone...) but after taking the above picture I decided I didn't like the gold shoes. Originally I wasn't going to wear black tights, so the gold shoes would have been fine and would tie in the gold belt, but then I realised my legs the outfit really needed them, so the shoes didn't look that great. That meant today I went back into town. The bad news is I was right, it was absolutely heaving with people! Really busy. The good news is my step-mum's present arrived via post this morning and I got my mum's in town so my Christmas shopping is now finished, I shouldn't have to go in again. All I need now is to wrap. The really good news is that I got these babies to replace my gold shoes:

I think they're going to look much better. They do have an unfortunately down side of being impossible to walk in, but I love them enough that it's a price I'm willing to pay.

Party on people!

Monday, 14 November 2011

Week 8 Check In

God, is it that time again? I won't be weighing in this week as I'm on my period (again, it feels like I always am sometimes).

This week has flown by as per usual, but the feeling has probably been mad worse due to the fact that everyone has been running around putting out fires (so to speak) at work. I work in quite a small company, and we found out beginning of last week that one of the engineers (a recently hire who has been working with us for a couple of months) has basically not been going to sites properly. Instead he's been driving to most sites (still missing a few) and stopping at them for a few seconds before moving on, then forging the results he's supposed to collect (thinking that the tracker on the van only shows a map of where he's been, rather than all the times it actually shows). Going through the paperwork it looks like he started doing it pretty much as soon as he finished his training (so once he was left alone), caused pandemonium, so we're having to sort out revisiting a load of sites.

We miiight have got through the worse now, assuming the plan for this week goes smoothly and the person dad hired last week to replace the guy is OK. Honestly though, in this economy who would throw away a perfectly good job right before Christmas when your girlfriend has a baby on the way? It's been a little stressful anyway.

But that's not what your here for! How did weigh in go? You know the drill, so here's the linky:

Monday, 7 November 2011

Challenge check in week 7

Hello Comrades. I understand last week some of you were buried under a freak snow event, is that still the case this week? Hope you're all staying warm.

I failed my driving test. FML. So many countries have joke tests where all you have to do is start the car, go to the end of the road and turn around, why couldn't I live in one of those? I have another one booked for December 2nd, but if I there is a cancellation closer I'll take it.

Weight-wise I'm up. I was doing fine (weight was the same as last week) until literally this morning, owing to the fact that I ate more bread yesterday than any reasonable person should ever. So my weigh in today is 231.6, that's +0.6. I walked twice, once on Saturday to the library, and once yesterday to the store, which is not the three times I was aiming for, but is a damn sight better than the big fat zero I had clocked up on Friday night.

Enough about me, what about you? Check in below!

Friday, 4 November 2011

Not that Friday Feeling

Ugh, the clocks went back an hour last Sunday and now it's pitch black when I leave work! This had seriously affected my walking, as I haven't done any. I think weight is about the same, so no major disasters, but bad weather and darkness do not a happy me make. I was going to walk today after I finished in the office - dark be damned! - but it started pouring rain an hour or so ago and it hasn't stopped yet. It's days like this I wish the treadmill still worked, I may try it again and see if it has magically fixed itself.

It's a secret (shhh!) but I have my driving test tomorrow. I'm hoping for cloudy, but not raining, weather. If it's bright the winter sun hangs too low and blinds me, not to mention it reflects off the water on the road (see previous paragraph, re: rain) making the road markings really difficult to see. Everyone pray for me as Saturdays usually mean idiots both pedestrian and driving, and just because they do something stupid doesn't mean I can't fail for it. I still haven't told my dad because I didn't want the extra pressure, but I'm hoping to give him a good surprise.