Saturday, 19 November 2011

More Shopping

Everyone is away for a wedding in Cornwall (5-6 hour drive away) so I have the house to myself for a few days. I'm hoping I don't go nuts while everyone is away, food wasn't great today, but wasn't full out binge.

So, I've coming to terms with the fact that I really haven't put the effort into this challenge I should have, even though all you guys have been fantastic! I actually weigh heavier now then I did when I started, which isn't a great feeling. I had to be realistic and accept that even if I go hardcore for the rest of this challenge there is no way I'm fitting into my dress by the date I need to, so when I went into town last weekend I picked out something new for myself.

On a side note, things didn't go exactly to plan that day. I was supposed go and find something for my mum and step-mum, instead I spent £130 on myself and came home with no presents - Christmas shopping fail!

If you'll excuse the crappy phone pic, here's the new dress! Due to afore-mentioned crappiness, I don't know how much of the detailing you can see, but it's made of a black glittery material, and the shoes are gold glitter rather than the colour material they look like (in case you haven't guessed, glitter is very much on trend for the UK right now, also, the return of the cowl - the seventies are back baby).

I was trying to avoid going to town again because it's going to start getting busy with Christmas a-comin' (35 days! No, that's not a Christmas countdown app on my phone...) but after taking the above picture I decided I didn't like the gold shoes. Originally I wasn't going to wear black tights, so the gold shoes would have been fine and would tie in the gold belt, but then I realised my legs the outfit really needed them, so the shoes didn't look that great. That meant today I went back into town. The bad news is I was right, it was absolutely heaving with people! Really busy. The good news is my step-mum's present arrived via post this morning and I got my mum's in town so my Christmas shopping is now finished, I shouldn't have to go in again. All I need now is to wrap. The really good news is that I got these babies to replace my gold shoes:

I think they're going to look much better. They do have an unfortunately down side of being impossible to walk in, but I love them enough that it's a price I'm willing to pay.

Party on people!


  1. Hah. We both posted dress pics!!!

    I love love love love those black numbers with the glittery heel. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE!!! And will look nicer with the dress, methinks. A longer leg look with the all black and glitter. Nice!

    Happy weekend, Z!

  2. Lovely dress! Last winter I was in a challenge that did not work for me in terms of weight loss. But, during the challenge I found an eating plan that worked for me and of course exercise. So, it was not a lost effort. Maybe you will find what works for you, too.

  3. You and I are in the same boat. I think sometimes challenges make me go backwards in my effort to lose weight. The holidays don't help either. I guess we just need to take each day as it comes and do the best we can to fight the cravings and urges and whatever else is making us fat! Ugh!!!!
    The new dress & shoes look great though....but I would still strive to get into that other dress you bought (there is always New year's Eve!). :-)

  4. Thanks for including the shoes. It is hard with a house load to be on a diet for me. My eating is emotionally linked. I think if I were a nun or a monk lol I would be slender. Then again, being alone there is the "hell if I care I am alone" attitude that can lead to a eating frenzy of loaded hot dogs, ice cream and munchies watching the tube. Worse when watching Lifetime movies. Double damnation. It is truly a learn to have different habits mind thing for me.

    Shopping can be therapeutic, though. To honor your I will put it in British fashion "That outfit is bloody cracking!"

  5. I think you look very good in the new dress. You have such a pretty smile and I am sure that captivates when they are around you.

  6. Love the shoes but I wouldn't be able to stand up in them - much less walk.

  7. I love the new shoes! They are so cute! I'm not a glitter fan but I do appreciate a cowl neck! LOL That's a really cute dress on you, BTW!

  8. Hey, see! I always thought that the outfit challenge should include shoes. Looking upwards at the comments. See how us girls all go "shoes"! LOL. Like the dogs on the animated movie "Up" movie that could talk, but would lose track of their train of thought by suddenly thinking "squirrel"! LOL

  9. Love the shoes and the dress is cute too!