Friday, 4 November 2011

Not that Friday Feeling

Ugh, the clocks went back an hour last Sunday and now it's pitch black when I leave work! This had seriously affected my walking, as I haven't done any. I think weight is about the same, so no major disasters, but bad weather and darkness do not a happy me make. I was going to walk today after I finished in the office - dark be damned! - but it started pouring rain an hour or so ago and it hasn't stopped yet. It's days like this I wish the treadmill still worked, I may try it again and see if it has magically fixed itself.

It's a secret (shhh!) but I have my driving test tomorrow. I'm hoping for cloudy, but not raining, weather. If it's bright the winter sun hangs too low and blinds me, not to mention it reflects off the water on the road (see previous paragraph, re: rain) making the road markings really difficult to see. Everyone pray for me as Saturdays usually mean idiots both pedestrian and driving, and just because they do something stupid doesn't mean I can't fail for it. I still haven't told my dad because I didn't want the extra pressure, but I'm hoping to give him a good surprise.


  1. I will pick another piece of clothing and continue the challenge. Thanks

  2. Our clocks go back this weekend. I don't know why they change them at all!
    Good luck with the driving test.

  3. My clocks go back this weekend - not looking forward to it!

  4. Our clocks here never change. Why bother? :-) So, it is still getting darker much earlier here too. But not before 6.30 pm or so.
    Hope you passed your drivings license test. Will you tell us all about today?