Thursday, 8 December 2011

Red Tape

I had an upswing in weight the other day which didn't go away, I had broken out in spots too so I assumed it was my confirmation of non-pregnancy come to call, but it was touch and go whether I was going to avert the Big Freak Out when things were taking longer than I expected to resolve themselves, but fortunately for all (except my various aching body parts) I have now been proved right.

My visa paperwork has started! Oh happy day. My recruiter sent me eight (8!) things to fill in so that he can process the invitation letter & employment license I need from China so that I can actually start applying for the visa here in the UK. I remember Japanese red tape being bad, but in reality they were soft - SOFT I TELL YOU - compared to how I think China is going to be. I've asked them to send me details on whether I need a pre-medical check in order to apply (the requirements are different depending on the country you're going from). I think I do and that will be time consuming if I have to get referrals etc. However, I know it's compulsory to have a medical check in China once I get there, so I might get lucky and be able to skip it beforehand. Fingers Crossed!

Bleurgh, it's been raining all day and gale warnings are in effect (up in Scotland they have 100mph winds!), so after work I'm going to raid the freezer and see if there is anything in it that will negate my need to go to Sainsbury's (it's my turn to cook tomorrow). There's also a possibility of a little snow tonight/tomorrow. Apparently my new computer has arrived (yippee! Dad got it me as an early Christmas present as my laptop was glitching) so I'd much rather be indoors sorting that out.


  1. It's always a pain when moving to another country, unless you're in the military! I can only imagine the hoops they are going to make you jump through.

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