Monday, 5 December 2011

Week 11 Check in

Oh the things that I've had going on this week!

On Friday I failed my driving test. Again. I was thrilled. But that was the only bad news for the week so that's something. I did well in my mock tests, scoring in the 90s both times so I'm quite well sorted for that I think, and the big news is I was offered the job in China with Disney English!

On a sidenote, it was the easiest, fastest recruitment process I've been through in a long. long time. There were some technical hitches with getting my application submitted, but once that was done on Sunday night, I got an email Monday morning inviting me for a Skype interview, had the interview Wednesday, and was offered the job at the end of the interview. It was kind of shocking! When I went for a temp retail job over Christmas I had to do an online application and aptitude test, a phone interview, and a 4 hour group interview to get in.

At the end of the Skype interview the recruiter lady said 'Well, I think you'd be fantastic in the role and we'd love to take you to the next stage', and I thought 'oh, yeah, they must do a face to face in person as well' (which I had been expecting). Little did I know the next stage was 'so what time frame are you looking to leave in?'. When I told her January onwards would be fine, she said I had a choice of three cities leaving in February (Choices! I was expecting to find out when I got there), and I called her back a few days later with my choice of Nanjing. I'll find out which of the two centres I'm at when I arrive, but apparently they try and give a choice in terms of which city where they can. It's such a surprise that it can be do easy after the year long application for China, and the hoops I've had to jump through for even basic part time work here in the UK.

So yeah! I'm leaving February 9th for Nanjing!

The news has left me feeling quite buoyant, and hugely motivated. In terms of my eating and weight loss, I've been completely on track since I heard the news. I don't want to be this weight when I go out there, and that has given me a big motivational boost. I've put myself on a 7:30pm curfew for eating and it has helped ENORMOUSLY. I eat so much at night, to just say 'no' and be able to stick to it has been of great help to me. Typical that it happens all of two weeks before the challenge finishes! There is a chance though, that I could finish this challenge under my start weigh (something that that was looking depressingly unlikely for me a week ago).

This challenge hasn't really worked for me I'm sad to say, but I think I went about it the wrong way mentally. I was hoping the challenge would motivate me because I was struggling, when really I needed to be motivated to tackle the challenge. It's a shame I haven't done better being the host and all, but it has kept me from losing it completely when times were bad. A couple of weeks ago I briefly saw 240 on the scale and it made me want to cry, a clear 10# over my start weight. Today, after 4 days reasonable eating and no night junk, the scale said 231.8 and I'm thankful for it. Some of you have done so well on this challenge, I wish I could have been a better example to you. I hope someone out there decides to do another after this finishes, I think perhaps I'd make a better participant than host. My motivation appears to be back so I think I'd do more justice to the next one. If I can get away with maintenance for this challenge then that's something at least.

So how did you all do this week? Last week's sign ins were a bit sparse, I'm guessing due to Thanksgiving. If you've had a foodfest over the holidays, please please please don't be embarrassed or ashamed to sign in. It's trying again that counts and we'll welcome you with open arms, don't give up just because Christmas is coming, I'm proof of how fast things can change.


  1. Sounds like you're getting back on track!

  2. Congratulations on landing that new job! That looks like a terrific opportunity for you.

    Glad to see your gaining momentum in your own journey. Take care and have a good week!

  3. Oh, just some minutes ago I would have been the first to write a comment here. Now "My Kid's Mom" was faster.
    I'm so happy for you that you got this job in China. It will be a real change in your life, but for sure you will enjoy it, if you have been in Japan before.
    And I'm happy for you that you have motivation again to loose weight. Hope, you can continue and get thrilled when you see the pounds fall of! :-)

  4. woohoo!congrats girl!! that so rocks!!
    good for you for sticking it out!

  5. Congrats love! That's amazing! I can't wait to hear all about China. As for the weight loss, a loss is a loss. Slowly, but surely, you will lose everything you want to lose. Just gotta keep chugging towards it!

    Also, I won't be able to check in next week, because I will be on vacation. But I will be there for the final weigh in! :)

  6. Great news on the job! Small steps can lead to big, positive changes.

  7. How exciting....can't wait for the blogging updates from you had better keep it up!!!!!!!
    Glad you are getting your mojo back too.

  8. Congratz on the job! Glad to hear you are getting it all back together.

  9. Wow congrats on the new job. This sound so exciting. Glad you have your motivation back. i bet you will look wonderful by the time you leave. Now you have to keep us posted and send pictures of where you will be living.

  10. You know, everyone has to reach their point where they have just had enough. We never know when it's going to hit or how it will come about. The good news is that we do, eventually, get to that point! So don't beat yourself up about the whole challenge thing!

    And look at you! Going to China and all! Huge congrats to you!

  11. I just had to run over here to see what you did to your site for Christmas. Glad I inspired you. I am one that changes ever few weeks. I have learned though to use the backgrounds that go into the gadgets so as not to mess up my blog. Hope you have a great week and I just know you will reach your goal before leaving for your job.

  12. Congratulations to you! In case you're interested, Rosetta Stone has levels 1-5 of all languages available for $399 until the end of Tuesday. Their language programs are great. I think you've been a perfect host for the challenge because you've kept at it and didn't quit - even with everything going on in your life. I'm so happy for you with all the new possiblities in your life! How about starting a New Year's challenge before you leave for China?

  13. Here is the link to the site I got my background.