Monday, 12 December 2011

Week 12 Check In

How is everybody doing? I'm still buried under a mountain of paperwork, and will probably have more coming. My exam for book-keeping is tomorrow, but I'm not hugely worried about it. I've gotten a first class pass in all my mock tests, so as long as I'm careful on the day there is no reason I can't get a good mark. My log in for the TEFL-C modules I need to do to get my visa have also come, so that's more work to focus on. It's busy busy busy here.

My step-mother got out the car a couple of weeks ago and asked to borrow some money, it didn't matter how much so long as it was a note. I gave her a tenner and she held it up between her and the tiny thin crescent of the new moon and shook it. Apparently one of the thing she grew up with was if you shake money in front of the new moon, your money will grow as the moon grows? She's from Ukraine and I like hearing these occasional titbits of information like that. So I smiled and did it too, then thought no more about it. Then last week I got a letter form the tax office telling me that I'd overpaid my income tax and here, have a cheque for £140! The Government wanting to pay me money feels a little like someone handing me a unicorn, but it definitely came at a good time as I am broke at the moment.

Weigh in is the same, but I'm still on the tail end of TOM, so that might be it. I stopped eating after 19:30 5 out of 7 days, and will try and make that all 7 this week. The weather has been bad so that really cut down my exercise, only one walk this week. Hope everyone had a good week, let's all pull together and make the last week the best shall we?


  1. Well, I've never heard of shaking money at the moon but you better believe I'm going to give it a go! LOL

    Here's my link:

  2. I tried to post my link twice, but I can't see that it "took." Anyway, I have had a great week, and I am very grateful that I have gotten good momentum in the direction of better health and weight loss. I'm so glad I joined your challenge. Thanks! Here's my link:

  3. I think I will go shake some money at the moon now, anything to help this time of year right?
    Sorry things are so busy for you, I know I would be stressed out by now, I understand how much work goes into moving to another country as well :(
    Hang in there :)

  4. Shake some money for me!
    My link I guess is not working guess you'll just have to go to Posting for the challenge is The Stockings Were Hung