Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year

I hope everyone has had a wonderful New Year, and that 2012 will be even better!

I've been going back and forth on the idea of new year resolutions. Part of me is worried of pledging myself to a goal and failing, but then I know I've put weight on over the Christmas period and don't want it to get out of hand, especially now when I'm having to buy clothes and things for China. There's no time like a new year to get a fresh start, even if the resolution is a little cliché.

I've tried to make today a decent beginning anyhow. I actually logged my meals today, and made a conscious effort to not pig out. Dad had a huge new year party (as he does every year) and the day after is spent with the guests that stayed over, eating what's left of the party food instead of meals. I had quite a few moments when I really had to think 'no, you don't need it' instead of reaching automatically for the Bakewell tart. What I noticed on a lot of those occasions was that it was an automatic gesture a lot of the time, a case of 'I can see it so I'll have it'. When I was actually hungry, instead of Bakewell tart and mini-cheesecakes I went for the leftover vegetable chili, and later a beef/salad wholemeal roll. In the afternoon I went on a short walk with my aunty and her dog before the rain hit. It's not a hardcore 'I'm going to exercise 7 time a week and only vegetables that start with a C' sort of thing, but if I can keep doing what I've done today for another month, I can re-evaluate my plans one I'm settled in my new place. Truth be told the closer I get to leaving the more worried I'm getting about any problems fitting into the seat of the aeroplane, so I have to keep my weight from ballooning (at least for a short time if I can't manage anything else).

Speaking of China, mum got me a Rosetta Stone kit for learning Mandarin and I'm loving it! I tried downloading it once to try it and hated it, so I was really worried that she had spent all this money and I wasn't going to like it. It made me feel really ungrateful, but it turns out that it didn't really work because using my laptop built in mike meant that I was too far away to pick up sounds properly for the programmes purposes, using the headset that comes with the pack makes a huge difference.

I have a driving test on the 5th, but I managed to break my instructors car a couple of lessons ago, so I'm not quite sure what's happening now. I hit the curb while I was driving, but I caught the corner of it (the curb was super high!) so not only did I blow the tyre I actually buckled the wheel! He's managed to get a spare tire on, but it's a space saver tyre, which means you can't go above 50mph on it, so you can't have them on the car during your test. My instructor is trying to get a replacement sorted today (he has another person's driving test tomorrow) but with it being new year, and the tyre size not being the standard for the old versions of his car, he's finding it difficult to find a place where it's in stock. I have a lesson with him tomorrow night, so I'll keep my fingers crossed.


  1. Here's to a happy, healthy, exciting, adventuring 2012 for, Z. Wishing you only good things...

  2. Wow. I think you're the only person I 'know' in real life who wrecked the car during lessons. LOL

    I am still in awe of your moving to China. I wouldn't have the nerve!

    Happy New Year!

  3. I hope you won't be disappointed of China. I like it very much, but not everybody does. You will like in a great city and I'm sure you will have nice co-workers. Wish you much luck for the loosing weight goal before coming here.

  4. Happy New Year to you, too! It seems like you have so much going on that pure excitement alone should help with the weight control. When you get to China, do you think your diet will change because of location and new foods? Once you pass your driving test, will you be able to drive in China? Clearly, I'm enjoying reading your blog and hope you can continue to blog when you get to China!

  5. I really want to get Rosetta Stone for spanish!

  6. You're an adventurous girl--moving to China. Best of luck to you, and I'll be waiting to reading of your new adventures.