Saturday, 14 January 2012


Had quite a quiet day. I got up and everyone had gone out, so I got in the car and went the gym. One of the girls who works there approached me after I had been wandering the machine area for a few minutes looking at the pictures for instruction and asked me how my workout was going because I looked a bit lost (I WAS VERY LOST - gym machines are quite intimidating things to approach when you don't really know what areas you should be working out). She showed me a few machines and gave me some recommendations on what sets/reps I should be doing and lots of other official sounding stuff. I ended up doing 5km on the recumbent bike, followed by a selection of the weight machines, and finishing with 10 minutes on the cross trainer. It was only 10 minutes because it nearly killed me. It's much harder than the recumbent bike, but in a good way. I'll have to build it up bit by bit.

It's been a busy weekend for Disney info. I got emails about my travel itinerary and the first few weeks of my training. Still waiting on the employee license and invitation letter so I can get the visa stuff though. I checked and if the plane I'm going on is the one I think it is (this one), by luck of the draw I have somehow scored an awesome aisle bulkhead seat for the flight. If you check that link in the brackets my seat is 26C. That will definitely make the second flight of 10+hr more comfortable. I'll be going from Birmingham to Istanbul, Turkey, have a layover there for 3 and a half hours there, and then a 10hr 25m flight to Shanghai, with an hour transfer from airport to hotel. One thing keeping me on the straight and narrow with the gym right now is that I'm scared I'm going to be too big for the seat. I just want to have a comfortable journey (or at least, as comfortable as you get on a plane for hours). If my weight ends up being an issue it's going to be mortifying.


  1. Just read all your post since the challenge ended. WOW is all I can say. You have so much going on in getting ready for China. Congrats on passing the driving test too. Don't let the machines at the gym bother you, they are only machines,lol.

  2. You will be fine, Thursday Child. For sure they will help you to get comfortable and be able to enjoy your flights. If it actually is possible to enjoy flights! I find it always awful, because I'm not able to sleep on planes.
    Looking forward to your posts, when you are in China. But remember to buy a VPN, to be able to go unto blogspot in China. A VPN is a internet service, that allows you to enter pages that are blocked. Witopia is one of them.