Thursday, 12 January 2012

Thank you

Thanks everyone for your congratulations, it was lovely reading them all! Driving is still terrifying, but it has to be done so I suppose I should just get on with it. So far it's only been trips to the supermarket, which is route I know well. Tomorrow I'm driving to the doctor's surgery to get some vaccinations for China and I'm quite nervous about both getting there and parking. Turns out my parking is terrible, mostly because it's something I was never taught so I'm kind of figuring it out for myself. My car now has a much higher clutch in terms of finding the biting point and stuff, and is much less forgiving then my instructors car if I'm a bit quick lifting my foot off it, so I've been stalling a lot, but I'll get there.

Speaking of things I should just get on with - Hi! My name is Thursday's Child and I'm overweight. I finally stepped on the scale and holy cow, turns out it's really easy to gain 10lbs in a short space of time. This may be a bit of a knee jerk reaction, but I emailed my local gym and they said I could have a monthly membership for £34.99, so I think I'm going to go for it. It's a complete cliché I know, joining the gym in January, but fortunately I don't actually need the will power to keep going for the whole year, I just need enough enthusiasm to get me there most days until I leave. I'm not happy that my jeans don't fit anymore and the last thing I want to do is gain a stone right before I leave, which is where I'm heading right now. With me driving now I'm much less active too, so means even if I manage to get my eating back to what it was before it would be harder to see results. If I can even lose what I've gained I'll feel much better (especially as I would be losing it as a result of exercise, which leaves me feeling so much better than losing through food alone), so I figured it was worth the money and I'll have to get over my embarrassment of working out in front of people. Given that I work afternoons I'll be able to go mid-morning, which should mean it's not as busy as early morning/lunchtime/after work.

In fact, now I'm sitting here thinking about it, I may go see the gym people tonight after work so I can't change my mind about it. Especially as I have the doctor tomorrow I could go work out after. Damn, that means I have to drive in the dark! (see, this is my life now).


  1. I'm starting back to the gym today too, after a long, injury related absence. I'm glad to hear that you're looking ahead and making progress!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. I just have to say that I totally understand what you mean about driving at night when it's dark. It keeps me from doing things after work and dinner. You will work it out. It is harder to stay active in the winter, however.