Thursday, 23 February 2012

The Flipside

I'm in Shanghai! Finally all that stressing came to a result. I only got in yesterday evening, so all I've really done is nip to the convenience store (Family Mart! Ah the memories of Japan) to grab a snack pack of sushi and then go to sleep. We've got out own rooms (rather than sharing in twos as I was expecting)which is so much better, three weeks is a long time to be holed up with a stranger! Jet lag woke me at 5:30, but I went to sleep at 10pm so at least I got some rest in.

I've just had breakfast at the hotel (it's included with our rooms) and took a picture so you guys could see the kind of stuff on offer.

Please excuse the messy picture, I would have presented it better but I was a) hungry, and b) trying to do the picture quickly so the lady in charge of the dining room didn't laugh at the tourist taking pictures of her breakfast. The round things are steamed dumplings, one was pork one was vegetable, then three fried gyoza (I need to find out the Chinese word for those. Actually, I need the Cinese words for everything, so far all I know hello, thank you and sorry). Then there was the vaguely named 'vegetable' which turned out to be a cabbage mix, and you can just see the scrambled eggs with tomato peeking out of the back. Out of shot was a tiny cube of fermented tofu, the tiny-ness of which should of warned me it was going to be incredibly strong ad best avoided, but alas my food warning signals are a little rusty. There were other things at the breakfast buffet, congee (a type of rice porridge I don't really like), tea soaked hard boiled eggs (I already had the scramble on my plate) and a few other things.

At 10 everyone is going to be meeting in the dining room to go over documents, and the go sort out bank accounts and getting phones, so that will be a good productive start. I'm hoping to get an iphone so I have maps an stuff, and then once that's done with I think we just get to explore the city. My VPN is working great (hence my being able to access all my social media, which is all blocked in China) so I'm going to try and keep updating so that I remember all the details later. Sorry if it gets a bit tedious!


  1. Welcome in China! So great that you made it here. So, you will be staying in Shanghai now?

    1. Just for the first month or so, so I can do the training and get my permit sorted. Then I will go to Nanjing.

  2. Hey, how are you doing? I thought, you would keep us updated. Are you ok though?