Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Apartment pics

I've just tidied apartment (again), so it seems like as good a time as any to get some pictures for you guys!

Here is a picture of half of the main living space:

I bought the little rug today at the market. I want to get something to put on the table, and some nice (fake - I have a black thumb) colourful flowers to warm the place up a bit, it still has that 'show home' feel to it at the moment

This is the other part of the living space by the door, I'm standing by the table at this point

You can see the sliding door entrance to my little kitchen at the side of the picture

It's the standard Asian-small size, but it's nice and new. I bought an electric oven today so I'm able to widen the range of things I can prepare. That being said I've been eating out a lot here, when we get off work it's late and you don't want to come home and cook so a few of us will usually go grab something to eat (including me there are 4 of my co-workers living in this complex). It's so cheap to eat out here that it costs about the same or less than buying groceries to cook. I'm going to try bringing lunch to work at bit more though, if only to balance my meals a bit more. It's lots of noodles and rice here!

The other door coming off this side of the main room is the bathroom

Just out of shot in the corner is the shower head (above the pink bathmat), to maximise use of space it's quite normal here to leave off the shower cubical and just have the room tiled so the water doesn't ruin anything. On the ceiling there are some really cool heat lamp lights (like the things used to keep food warm in restaurants, but cooler looking) so you can keep yourself toasty warm during winter showers.

The open wooden door in the first picture leads to the main bedroom

I went to the market today and chose fabric, half an hour later I had a new bed sheet, quit cover, and pillow cases. At 190RMB for the lot it was cheaper than the stores (though I suppose I could have negotiated it down a bit more) and it fits perfectly. I was having trouble finding pre-made sets that fit the quilt because IKEA standard size and China standard size turned out to be different. Plus, my mattress is a bit of a beast (I have to do a hop up to bed at night) so it was too deep for most sheets available. I love the ones I got though! I also love my dictionary iPhone app that made the getting possible! The apps I've been using have been lifesavers for communication.

My room leads out to what must have been a balcony at one point, but it's been converted to an enclosed space and had the washer and hand-wash sink put in there, as well as some clothes hanging rails. Personally I far prefer this, as the area I live in is basically a building site from the other set of apartments they're building down the road. Even if they weren't, the views aren't anything I would sit outside for and I would have used the space to dry clothes anyway, so I like having the usable space.

Lastly we have the second bedroom, I'm not using it for much at the moment, mostly it tends to be the dumping ground of the apartment as I can just shut the door on the stuff. The quilt on the bed is massive because it's the additional part of my one (I bought an all seasons quilt that popped together when it's cold, but then it warmed up so I put it on the other, smaller, bed).

So there you have it! My place is small but perfectly formed and I love it. The landlord and lady had obviously redone it all before I came to look round, because everything is brand new. They've been really good to me in terms of helping me out and fixing a few problems I've had, so I'm doing my best to keep it well cared for for them.


  1. I like it. And, is it my faulty recollection, or does it seem way roomier than the Japan one?

    Be happy a lot in your new assignment!!!!

  2. This is lovely! Thanks for sharing.

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  4. I love seeing what it is like elsewhere. I really appreciate your pictorial. How exciting for you! And to go to a market to plan your own style/look comforter is special.

  5. I find it interesting, that this apartment just looks like one apartment here. It seems like this kind of apartments are all over China. :-) But yours looks like new and like they really cared about you, before moving you in there. Everything looks so clean. Did you clean the apartment, before you moved in or was it already like this when you moved in?