Monday, 9 April 2012

Home again Home again

I'm more productive between the hours of 12 and 2AM then I am the entire rest of my day, to wit, laundry done, apartment cleaned, floors swept, washing up done and suitcase finally put away. Though sadly, at no point between those hours in any of the days (and days and days) since I last updated could I get myself to write up a proper blog post for you all. Assuming 'you all' are still out there after the aforementioned lack of posting.

I have various excuses at the ready, would you like to hear them? At first I was going to blog everything, but on-boarding (the three week training period before going to your placement) was the kind of thing that leaves your brain saturated at the end of the day, leaving me to scrape the cake bowl of my intelligence for enough remains of my mind to get myself from the training centre back to the hotel on the Shanghai metro. It sounds easy, but at one point I did get on the wrong side of the track with an equally tired friend of mine and end up 5 stops farther away from our destination then we'd started at before either of us noticed.

Then I had a lovely hotel room in Nanjing, however their Internet's report card would undoubtedly have said does not play well with others. After that I reached the point where I had dozens of bits of posts floating around waiting to be plucked from the space between my ears and fulfil their destiny as written words, but I had so much to tell you that I just found I could start. Which is where we are right now.

I most important thing, I guess, is that I'm more or less settled into my Nanjing apartment and permanent base now (save a couple of things). I've started teaching now and the kids are insanely cute. China is great, baffling and downright weird by turn. I want to get some good apartment etc. pictures to show you now I'm actually here, though some of you may have seen the quick facebook ones took as I was looking at it during my house hunting. I'm not sure where to start on telling you about everything else, I think we'll have to wait for now while I chew it somehow into manageable chunks.