Tuesday, 11 September 2012

And now for a little light relief

Did I mention that yesterday was Teacher's Day here in China? Caught up in all the stress of this last week it's easy to forget the nicer moments. Disney sent a big basket of shiny red apples down from Shanghai for us so that every teacher in the centre could live the cliché for a moment, and a couple of my kids were absolutely adorable and bought me the little plastic flowers sold for the occasion. I have them at work right now, but will have to take pictures when I go back in on Thursday.

My phone credit ran out last night so I had to go up the street to the mall to top up my phone, so I got some groceries in while I was there. My first day off tends to be shopping/cleaning then the second I can do whatever. Sadly the 'cleaning' portion of today seems to be a fail so far, but given the crazy hours I sleep I suppose the day isn't a write off yet for all it's 7pm.

I've been looking into all the new autumn shows, with me just having Chinese TV I have to research this stuff, but it's all looking great! Some of the things I have on my radar are things I genuinely look forward to, others I think are going to be bad but will watch anyway. The genuine side includes the new season of Revenge (I bought a DVD of the first season here for 20 kwai (£2/$3) and watched it all over about 2 days), The Vampire Diaries (after finally watching season 3 properly), Big Bang Theory, Elementary (though I'm unsure how I'll react given how I enjoyed the other version), and (surprisingly as it's a CW show and they can be terrible) Green Arrow is looking potentially good. Shows that I'm on the fence about are Once Upon a Time (such a good premise that got so cheesy so fast), and Beauty and the Beast (A show I would love to love but looks like it's going to be done so badly!). Has anyone got any info on the new show Nashville? I ready a little synopsis on Television Without Pity and it could be interesting, but I need more info I think. Going back to my homeland I'm also waiting for Merlin, new Downton Abbey, and am loving the return of The Great British Bake-off. What's on your TV radar?

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