Monday, 10 September 2012


Well now it's Monday, which means it's my Friday as my days off are Tuesday and Wednesday, and a weekend has never been needed more. Saturday/Sunday are our busiest times in the centre, so bearing in mind some of the scheduling problems I outlined in my last post and all the extra work/stress it has resulted in, I was very much in a HULK. SMASH. mood for the majority of it.

Fortunately now that it's over and I'm breathing a little easier. The sit in demo thing didn't go too badly (Well, all the parents signed up anyway so it couldn't have been that bad), I got through my observation (we having done our feedback session yet so I couldn't tell you how it went), I got permission to do my assessments straight away rather than waiting for the next lesson (which clawed back some time for EOTP practice), and managed to get most of my classes to do some kind of run through of their performance activities, so I'm in better shape than I was in that respect. Today I managed to get all my report cards written and scanned in to the computer so they can go to my team teacher for translation first thing Thursday, backed up some important files ready for the big move, made my Power Point presentation ready for my littlest kids to receive their certificates, and uploaded all my assessment results for parents to check. This puts me somewhat back on schedule as by condensing lesson 11 and 12 into week 11 it also means I lost a week of time to get my reports finished and other stuff done. The End of Term Presentations are still the bane of my existence and despite the creative rearranging to better use the time they remain woefully under-practised, but I just keep trying to remind myself that even if they are all terribly awful, in a week it will all be over.

My LLD mentioned to me the other day that Disney do some kind of educational reimbursement, so I'm going to be looking into it to see if it's possible to get a Masters in Education (or something similar) while I'm out here. It would mean staying in China longer, but would make studying much cheaper than in I were doing it back home. I don't know the details yet so I'm trying not to pin my hopes on anything, but it remains a tantalizing possibility.

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